I got there… let’s celebrate!

2014-24-10--22-12-51 Edinburgh fireworks c

It took several failed attempts, a little bit of swearing…but I got there. Yes, I finally got my Twitter link sorted.

I’m one of life’s plodders. Some people race along and get things done super fast. I take my time and get there long after everyone else – but I get there and there’s the thing. It still feels sweet when I achieve my goal.

So, tonight it’s fireworks, balloons and champers – by way of a celebration. I’ve actually been drinking wine. It’s Friday… right?

The images of the fireworks are from the firework display at the end of the Edinburgh Festival 2008. Hubby and I were staying in a hotel on Princes Street, overlooking the castle. On the Sunday night we ate a lovely meal in the hotel restaurant and then had drinks delivered to the room. We opened the sash window and took our seats for the fabulous show, that unfolded. Music and fireworks filled the August night air and I drank it all in. I can still recall that night. The people, the atmosphere, the music, the setting and the amazing fireworks. That memory will stay with me forever.

Simple things that make us happy. Like finally sorting my links out. There’s nothing worse than dodgy links, I find.

I’m off to walk my pooch now and get myself some more wine.

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your Friday night.

Until the next time.


4 Thoughts

  1. Ah, isn’t that sense of achievement just the best thing? It really lifts you up and, for me, can last for days. Great to see the Twitter feed on your blog. I’m just getting my head around Twitter but am already seeing results.


    1. I agree, it’s a great feeling when you master the thing that’s been driving you nuts for so long. Don’t worry about Twitter, I’ve been on it for years and I still don’t understand it; but I much prefer it to Facebook. One day I’ll figure that out as well…but not today!
      Thanks for stopping by liking my post and commenting.

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