A different world.



2014-30-10--12-49-53 leaves cThis is what you see from where you stand. Beautiful enough, tinted with the mid – day sun.

2014-30-10--12-47-35Leaves cNow, see it from where I stand. Welcome to my world.

I dart around beneath your feet. You may catch a glimpse of me as you idly wander up the grass path, with your dog sniffing  at their doggy newspaper and you drinking in the dazzling light and the colours…so many colours. A sudden movement, from the corner of your eye. A rustle of the leaves…but nothing visible to move them. I’m hiding from you. I’m watching you. You can sometimes feel me watching you, but where am I?

Down here.

Be careful, don’t tread on me and take me away from my beautiful, miniature world.

A quick post for now, Halloween influenced [so excited, love Halloween] and apologies to those of you who have commented and liked my posts, but not received any acknowledgement as yet. I’m not usually as ignorant as this. I’m juggling a few balls at the moment and some of them are hitting the deck.

Please bear with me and I’ll get back to you and come and bug you on your blog, at some point…you don’t get away with it that easily. LOL!

Thank you for taking the trouble to stop by here, read and comment…it is much appreciated. Have a great Thursday.

Until the next time.





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