Now I’ve really done it!

I need to share several things with you tonight.

Firstly, I’m a teeny-weeny bit tipsy and stupid and I’ve just uploaded this, my first video.

You might be able to just about see the brown trout, through the tears of laughter, that I feel will be running down your face as you watch my pathetic attempt. But, be grateful for small mercies, because I could have added some of my own music. [ Oh dear god!] Oh yes, then you wouldn’t have been able to breathe, for laughing at the pathetic vision before you, accompanied by quite possibly the most hideous music you would have ever been subjected to.

And it gets worse, because in order to subject you to this monstrosity of a video, I’ve had to upload it to You Tube first. Stop laughing please.

And I didn’t even have the sense to go incognito. Dorne Whale has made a fishy film. What the hell is all that about? It’s up there with the likes of Robson Green and his extreme fishing, and serious fishermen.

I’m finished. It’s public and I have no excuses. I poured the wine myself.

On a positive note…I’m pretty amazed that I’m managed to figure out how to upload the thing in the first place. I won’t remember in the morning how I did it, but it will be all too evident on You Tube. It’s a bit bad when you have to get sloshed, in order to work out the various functions on your blog!

Secondly, I am published again on the Guardian/ Direct Line Fixology site. I’ve put a link to it on my Twitter thingy. It’s about problems with puppies digging up your lawn. So, if you have a puppy digging up your lawn, check it out. It beats the trout…I think.

I must go now, I need to go to bed and cry! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great night.

As if it wasn’t bad enough the first time around…here it is again. it doesn’t get any better the second time.

Until the next awful and embarrassing time.


10 Thoughts

  1. Well done, Dorne. It took me ages to work out how to upload videos as well and, now I know how to do it, I can’t stop! I didn’t have to upload mine to YouTube though, so how I managed it, I don’t know. I’ll have to take a good look.


    1. Thanks Hugh. I read somewhere that it was safer to upload your videos through You Tube and the likes. It was very easy.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting…much appreciated.
      Let me know how you uploaded your video – I’d be interested to know.

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      1. Hi Dorne, I think it’s down to me being an Apple user, so every photo and video I take, and every bit of music I download, is all uploaded to the Apple Cloud along with all the documents I create as well. So I can upload them to the media section of my dashboard through the file sharing option. It took me a while, but now I’ve looked at it again, it’s all come back to me.

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      2. It sounds like you’ve got a good system there Hugh. I also upload things to the cloud [Windows8.1] for me to never find them again. LOL. I’m a disaster zone BIG TIME!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, that’s good and bad. Good…because my post was okay. Bad…because maybe my posts are always drunken rambles? LOL! Thanks for taking the time to comment and for your kind words.

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