A Sunday evening dog walk.

Village streets.
Village streets.

I’m just back from a walk with my greyhound. It’s a perfect Sunday evening, with the church bells ringing and the air full of garden bonfire smoke. The temperature has cooled down now and we are enjoying more seasonal weather. I’m not complaining about the recent warmer than average temperatures…well, yes I am actually. I like summer in summer, autumn in autumn , winter in winter and spring in spring. I think nature appreciates it as well.

So, tonight I put on my thicker jacket, snood,  boots and of course, other items of clothing as well. You can get arrested for going out minus those things. I’ll say it for you – OH YUK!

My greyhound wore her coat too. No, she’s not a wimp…she needs a coat. There isn’t much fat on a greyhound.

Down by the river.
Down by the river.

Lights glowed in rooms, as I stared in through the windows. They drew their curtains as my nose squashed up against their glass.

The air was cool and fresh …a perfect autumn night. In the distance some silly idiots let off fireworks. I hurried home with my dog.

Past the river, with the sound of the water washing over the weir. Past the trees, with their illuminated trunks.

Illuminated tree trunks.
Illuminated tree trunks.

When I reached home, my daft hubby was hiding behind the gate, in our yard and made me jump a mile. I owe him a shock! I might just cook a meal tomorrow…that’ll scare the hell out of him. LOL!

2014-02-11--20-03-29 yard c

Hands up who watches Homeland? ME and here in Yorkshireland it’s on telly tonight. I need to go and grab some supper, a cuppa and spread myself out on the sofa, with some throws. That’s what a proper autumn night is all about.

Enjoy your autumn evening/afternoon/morning; or spring evening/afternoon/ morning and thanks for visiting.

Until the next proper autumn time.


2 Thoughts

  1. I’m a Downton fan, Dorne, and it clashes with Homeland but I may catch up on it as I’ve heard great comments about it.

    Walking the dog at this time of year is a nightmare for me as well, what with fireworks going off. My dog hates them and as soon as any go off, he pulls back to go home even before doing his business. Then he goes to his bed and looks so sad. The vet told me to act normal towards him in this situation, but he’s not daft and seems to knows exactly what I am up to. Roll on mid November when, hopefully, the fireworks will have finished.


  2. I don’t like fireworks close up at the best of times…they need to be a good way off for me to appreciate them. My greyhound is getting a bit better…we’re surrounded by fields and bird-scarers in the fields that go off fairly regularly. But fireworks are a different ball game. They charge the air, don’t they? and my dog also wants to head home.
    Yes, it will be good when the fireworks are over and done with…then we’ll have the Christmas and New Year fireworks to look forward to. LOL!
    Be warned Homeland is very addictive.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great day.

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