A walk and early Christmas preparations.


The weir.
The weir.

Just a short while ago hubby, greyhound and I did the same walk that I walked with my dog, last night. The light was fantastic and I clicked away on my camera and filmed some more video…which I will put on here, later on. You have been warned!

Reflections in the river.
Reflections in the river.

I’m fascinated by the reflections in the water and might have a go at painting this image sometime.

A favourite bench to sit on.
A favourite bench to sit on.

Not content to just collect conkers, I’m a  cone fiend as well. I start to collect them, from about now onwards and they will dry out in time to form part of my Christmas decorations. There’s a big tree above here that is laden with them. When we’ve had high winds, I can’t resist coming for a look and collecting them; and they smell sensational. I also collect interesting shaped branches [small] not tree size! These are sometimes sprayed with fake snow, or silver spray and also become decorations for the house.

I confess I’m a Christmas freak and my decorations will go up at the beginning of  December. I’m like a big kid that can’t wait. It’s not the pressies that float my boat, it’s the decorations, the tree, the Christmas Day lunch and just the atmosphere.

Hubby and I don’t do as much Christmas shopping these days.. he’s not really up to it. Also half of my family don’t talk to each other and the other half are dead. Nice hey? It’s the truth…I swear! How many families do truly get on?

I don’t let this spoil my Christmas though…oh no. I love it. But, by New Years Day I’ve usually had enough. I’m not a big fan of the New Year. I had my New Year on Friday/ Saturday.

So, on New Year’s Eve you’ll find me hiding somewhere and doing a pretty good Scrooge impersonation…bah humbug! Damn and blasted thing comes around every year!

How about you?

  • How do you spend your Christmas and New Year?
  • How soon do you put up your decorations?
  • Are you a wild party goer?
  • Do you have a large family to buy for?

Feel free to join in, or not and rate my post, if you like so I know whether I’m driving you nuts.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great Monday evening.

Until the next time.



13 Thoughts

  1. We are like you and Hubby Dorne. Bah humbug to Christmas. If the kids or grandkids are not around, we just celebrate with a great meal that we have fun fixing together, maybe play some Wii bowling, and just enjoy being together ❤

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    1. I love Christmas, whether with family…what’s left of them or not. It’s just the New Year thing. You’ve reminded me that we have a Wii and I haven’t bowled in a while, or boxed. I like to box. In fact now you’ve mentioned it, there’s a whole new post in there. See what you’ve unleashed now! LOL!

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  2. You just cracked me up…half dead…listen we have loved and love even more now to do Chritmas sharing timevwith each other and a meal. In our case, time together is super protected, because it can be rare.

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    1. Yes, I know I’ve got a terrible, sick sense of humour. It’s okay, my dead relatives will come back and haunt me…that’ll teach me.
      I should imagine that you are pretty whacked at Christmas, with Boeta to entertain. I used to love Christmas with my daughter. I remember staying up until 2.00 am one Christmas morning…building a Barbie house from Santa. Then she woke me up at 5.00 am and we had to go down and see if Santa had been. LOL!
      Children make Christmas that bit more special…and you that bit more tired!

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      1. Last year, my wife had her first official Christmas tree – can you believe, long story about holidays away in caravan, but we are expecting family also, this year, so it may get very bad on the energy front. Boeta will be a little older and I think it will be fun watching him.

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      2. I bet you’re all going to have such fun with Boeta and family. He’s just at that lovely age where he’s starting to take it all in. Yes, you will need to boost your energy…but it’s worth it. I’m looking forward to the pictures of your Christmas celebrations and your tree, please.
        Do you have a real tree, or an artificial one?


  3. I loved reading this post, your sense of humour is so skyward, Dorne. You never fail to make me laugh.

    I have to have a chocolate advent calendar every year and take great pride it making a big thing out of opening the windows for the first 24 days of December. I start playing carols usually around 20th Nov and the decorations go up first week in December.

    I’m not one for New Year either, rather be tucked up in bed and asleep by the time midnight comes and then I have a birthday shortly after, so everything comes at once for me over a two week period. However, I enjoy most of it, with Christmas Eve being my favourite day of the year.

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  4. We also have a chocolate advent calendar…but as I can’t eat milk chocolate, hubby gets all of the chocolate.
    I’m glad there’s someone else who likes to put up their decorations early. I must admit I want to pull them down by New Year’s Day, but I leave them until two days later and then go for it.
    I don’t go to bed early on New Year’s Eve…I stay up and play hell about it all. Write my New Year resolutions, which I promptly break, by tea time on January 1.
    Eventually, when my husband has had enough of my moaning and groaning he’ll suggest bed and I lie in bed and eventually drift off to sleep on a wave of agitated annoyance, but relief that the damn thing is all over and done with for another year. Oh how I love the New Year!
    Is there anybody out there who does love the New Year and what’s your excuse for being so damn happy?

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    1. I’m a bit like you, Dorne, in that the decorations have to come down on Jan 2nd. By then, I’m getting a bit fed of them and want rid of the clutter ,but doesn’t the house look so bare once they are all down and packed away for another year?

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  5. It does, but it can soon be cluttered up again and I like to move things around and shake things up a bit. A new year and a fresh start.
    I hope you’re going to blog about it and post pics of your tree and decs? Nearer the time, of course.


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