A mad thought for Tuesday.

Photo credit: Ghank.com

Join me in my madness, why don’t you? I’m up and about, but my mind is elsewhere.

My head is on my shoulders, but on back to front. Know that feeling?

I’ve got a list of things to do, but I’m staring at it and making no sense of it.

My brain is as foggy as the weather is outside.

On the upside, and there has to be an upside, my kitchen cabinets, work surfaces and skirting boards are beautifully clean. That’s until hubby, in Mary Berry mode, decides to make a cake and decorate everything with flour and icing sugar. I’m taking bets on it happening. One pound says he’ll do it…he has to, it’s sod’s law!

I’m going to go and screw my head on the right way. I hope that you’re having a better morning than I am at present.

But, the day is long and anything could happen, hey? This afternoon could find me laughing hysterically…that happens a lot and I believe is one of the first signs of madness.

Thanks for stopping by and have a mad day. I may be back on here later on.

Until the next time.

2 Thoughts

  1. This really cheered me up. I thought my day was going hay wacky until I read about yours. 🙂

    Could you please post the recipe to the Mary Berry cake?


  2. Every day is like this for me. LOL! I inhabit a very strange world…okay, but strange.
    I’ll go one better for you. I’ll do a post and include the Mary Berry Cake. Mr Whale has been informed and is in the hair and make up department, as I write this.
    Watch this spot! x


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