The cycle of life.

WP_20141105_001 There’s a mixture of blessings today. Good because I’ve seen a bank vole up close, [up until today I’d only ever seen them darting across the lane, in front of me and my dog] and not so good, because this handsome little chap is slowly passing over.

He appeared in front of our French windows, which open out on to our rear yard, this morning. When we went out he ran off and hid. Fair enough. I put some food down for him.

About half an hour later he was back, lying on our mat, in front of the doors. This time when I went out he wasn’t keen to move. So, I gently moved him to a more private spot, in the corner of the yard. He’s been there ever since. His breathing is growing more shallow and he’s gently snoring. Bless. Now, I’ve covered him with leaves, to try to make his passing as comfortable and dignified as possible.

When he has finally passed over I plan to take him back to the fields, across the road from us. There’s a wooded area in the corner, where the many tawny owls around here, gather on a night. They watch me as I plod up the lane with Misty. Maybe this beautiful little creature will become supper for an owl and he’ll help another living thing to survive the long, cold winter that lies ahead. His life and passing won’t have been in vain. Such is the cycle of life and nature’s way.

Every once in a while something like this comes along and acts as a reminder to live our lives. One little bank vole has given me a wake up call today; one that I needed. He’ll never be forgotten.

  • How about you?
  • Do you need a wake up call?
  • Are you letting life pass you by?

Thanks for taking the time to visit and enjoy the rest of your day. If you’re going to a bonfire tonight…be safe.

Until the next time.



2 Thoughts

  1. Thank you Colleen. I have a real passion for wildlife and it probably shows in my writing . That little vole has made such an impression on me today. He’s at peace now. I’m so privileged to have met him, albeit it for such a brief moment.x


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