Getting a bit wild.

We’ve had a grey, wild day here in Scarborough. I figured that the north sea might be a bit wild. So it was off to the north bay for a walk, with the trusty greyhound.

I filmed this and uploaded it to You Tube. In the upload it has developed a strange soundtrack. Think SIGNS , by the seaside. I didn’t see Mel Gibson anywhere!  I reckon that I’ve actually picked up an alien communication.

I very nearly added some of my own manky music, but I thought the sound of the sea was music enough…that and the additional aliens!

The sea was quite calm, compared to what it can be like. Then Marine Drive, which is from where I was filming this masterpiece [ Steven Spielberg …watch out matey! ] is closed to vehicles. Sadly, people still venture on to it and occasionally it ends in a fatality. They push children in pushchairs under the massive waves, as they crash over the barrier. Unbelievable and frightening. People with brains the size of peas have kids?


Copyright Dorne A Whale
Copyright Dorne A Whale

The sea is a force to be respected at all times. She’s bewitching and we feel drawn to her. But, take your eyes off her and you could easily find yourself in trouble.

Copyright Dorne A Whale
Copyright Dorne A Whale

What has the weather been like in your part of the world today? Am I indulging in the very British preoccupation with the weather?

Thanks for stopping by and have a good Saturday evening. It’s the last Doctor Who of the present series tonight…sob! No more lovely Scottish man on a Saturday night. Boo hoo!

Until the next time.



2 Thoughts

  1. Strangely enough, it wasn’t that cold…well not as cold as it can be. I love to watch the sea. It mesmerises me. Who says grey and wild can’t be beautiful. I plan to take more pictures of the sea. This time of the year is magnificent. And we may have another video with an alien soundtrack!


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