Rain? What rain?

Whilst we are all snug and warm in our homes and cars.
Wrapped up against the elements, in our waterproof gear, scarves, hats and gloves.
Some more hardy souls, such as this wood pigeon brave the torrential rain.
They need to, in order to survive.
But, they have no need for all of the clobber we don to walk in the rain.
Nature has provided them with everything they need to endure the weather.
Rain? What rain?
Thanks for visiting. Stay dry, or get wet depending on your personal preference.
Until the next time.

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone .Landed in Scotland.

5 Thoughts

    1. We have wood pigeons that feed regularly at our feeding station and I felt so sorry for this one yesterday morning. He was determined to keep going, even in incredibly heavy rain. Brave little soul!

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    1. I love to watch deer as well. What kind of deer are they and are they very near to you? I’d really love to get a photograph of a deer, but when I see them they shoot off pretty quickly. I have that effect on people and animals!


      1. I suppose my deer have a scientific name. My husband calls them “damn deer”.
        When we moved from the city and built our home out in what I thought was wilderness, we were thrilled to see a rare deer or two. STOP EVERYTHING! and look at the deer!
        After 20 years the area has built up some. The strange thing is we are seeing more deer than ever! A doe gave birth right at our front door. They ruined our yard and bushes. We now have rock. They are no longer afraid of you. Just look at you and almost dare you to tread on their property. lol You wouldn’t scare these deer off. 🙂


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