A Sunday smile.

2014-09-11--10-44-49 The sea cI hope the previous post from Lady Sighs made you smile, it certainly put a smile on my face.

I’ve got lots of reasons to smile this morning.

  • It’s Sunday…I like Sundays.
  • I’m published again on the Direct Line/Guardian Fixology website. This time I’m offering my words of wisdom on how to prevent cats from catching birds and bringing in fleas.http://t.co/4rPTtWJoOD
  • So check it out, if you’ve got a little hunter, who loves to bring you pressies!
  • I’m smiling because I finally figured out how to put in my links from the website on here.Yay! I am queen of links! There’ll be no stopping me now. Links away!
  • And, I’ve been nominated for A Lovely Blog Award, by my lovely blogging friends in South Africa. I’ll be doing this post and making my nominations as soon as I can. Links coming up.
  • My blogging friend Hugh has also asked me to do a guest post on his blog and he’s going to do one for my blog. Links imminent.
  • So there’s going to be different content. Different is good. I’d hate for it to be all samey.

What have you got planned for today? Is it going to be a chilled out, jeans and t-shirt, hair a mess, lounge on the sofa, engrossed in a good book, kind of Sunday? Or, the family round , in Sunday best, on best behaviour, catching up with the gossip and out for lunch, Sunday?

Will it even be spent with someone, or will you potter away in your shed/ garage/ studio, in a world of your own? Walk on the beach, in the woods, with your dog, ride your horse? With someone you love, someone you may love, someone you’re falling in love with, someone you’ll always love?

You might play with the kids, become a kid again. Play hide and seek, build a den, play footy, rounders, cricket, tennis. Watch a film, make a film.

However you spend it, have a fun day. Thanks for stopping by here.

Until the next time.


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