Out of my coffin…just.

Photo credit: Ghank.com
Photo credit: Ghank.com

My coffin is clearly too comfy, with its memory foam mattress and soft linen. This morning my head just wanted to stay there longer. It couldn’t deal with the light, noise and life in general. So, I obliged my poor head…again and stayed put. Wearing my migraine cap…it lives in the fridge and cools down my head [it also looks absolutely ridiculous], I snoozed the morning away in a fog of pain and increasingly weird dreams.

I’m out of my coffin now and prowling around the house, wearing dark glasses. Luckily for me, it’s another half-lit day, with a topping of thick grey clouds, above us. So, as others complain of the lack of light and greyness, this migraineur will secretly thank her lucky grey clouds that the sun is not out to dazzle her delicate and sore eyes. Too much light and I may turn to dust!

It’s a new week and a new journey. I have big plans for this week and the head will just have to behave. Granted, I might not have got off to the most auspicious of starts, but I will prowl my way through my week and plans. Gradually, I will plod my thousand mile journey…but it  may take longer than a week…maybe two?

How about you?

  • Any big plans for this week?
  • Small plans for this week?
  • Plans at all?
  • Do you plan to take part in this week?

Don’t be shy to share them with us. I really don’t bite. Just when you think that I’ve died and won’t be relying to your comment, up I pop. Like  Gary Oldman rising from his coffin! Nice! Oh yes!

Thanks for visiting and have a lovely what’s left of Monday.

Until the next time.



2 Thoughts

  1. I had to look up to find out who Gary Oldman is. I don’t have migraines, but my head is definitely in the sand. Hope you feel better.
    No big plans. Get out the warm blankets for the front coming in.

    Had big rain storm a few days ago. Thanks for letting me use one of your umbrellas. Sorry retuning it so late. 🙂


  2. Sorry for the late response. Yesterday was cancelled! it never occurred to me that Gary Oldman might t not be known. Next time I won’t be as obscure. But, now you know, do you see what I mean? I’m feeling a bit more like me today. Mad, confused and scatter-brained.
    Keep warm in the cold front and you’re welcome to borrow a brolly any time you want. In fact keep it…I’ve got plenty! x


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