I can’t stay for long.

I’m busy putting some other posts together and doing a bit of blog/Twitter admin…give the lady a lollipop! I wanted to put something up that is a bit different and I think this fits the bill. I’m guessing that some of you will have seen this video before, but it never fails to stop me in tracks…it’s so clever and thought provoking.

Well, that’s my take on it, see what you think and if you like leave a comment. I’ll respond sometime before Christmas. LOL! My reaction times are a bit slow at the moment – I’m battling the remnants of a migraine. I have about as much energy as a slug. But life goes on and I need to be sorting out these posts.

Thanks for calling by and have a great Tuesday night.

Until the next time.

2 Thoughts

  1. I had never seen it and probably would never ever have found it. Somehow I wanted to either watch the video or listen to the song. But I didn’t want to do both at the same time.
    Perhaps a generation gap. 🙂

    Oh, so we have to do admin. in Twitter too? No wonder I never signed up for it. lol

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  2. LOL! Turn the sound down and watch the video, then turn the screen off and listen to the music.
    I thought you might like the admin thing. Actually, now you mention it I much prefer your messing around on the dashboard version. And I prat around at my blog HQ!


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