One Lovely Blog Award..


We all like to be appreciated, don’t we? When people like our posts and pages and some take the time to comment it makes all of the hard work worth it.

To be nominated for a blog award, by a fellow blogger is even more special. Boeta and his mum and dad, who blog at have recently done just that for me. So, it’s a MASSIVE THANKYOU to them. Why not use the link to check out their fantastic blog.

Accepting this award involves completing four things.

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Add the logo to the post.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate seven other bloggers you admire and tell the nominees on their sites.

So, that’s one and two done. Now to share seven facts with you. Some of you will know me better than others…so what do I share?

  1. I once had a fire in my kitchen, making candles. It made me appreciate the dangers of candle making. I’d like to have another go sometime, but without the fire in the kitchen.
  2. I love to loom knit. I have made numerous hats, scarves, snoods, bags and am attempting to knit myself a waistcoat.
  3. I played clarinet at school. I still have it and occasionally get it out of the box and have a go at Ravel’s Bolero. I learnt it by heart and can still remember how to finger it. It’s just now I can’t remember what the notes are.
  4. I used to belong to a rambling and hiking group. We’d do an average of 20 to 25 miles every Sunday. I used to love climbing hills and was quite competitive. I had to be one of the first up the hill, if not the first.
  5.  I love spiders. They are more than welcome in our house and anyone  harms one in my presence, at their peril. I pick them up and love to feel them tickle my hand as they run over it.
  6. I also love mice and rats. I know…I’m weird. I spent about ten minutes, last night watching four mice race around our yard. They were feasting on the bird seed and running up and down a cable leading to my Buddha water feature. They have a nest at the back of our garden shed. It thrills me to know that our miniscule yard is supporting wildlife.
  7. I love to watch The Walking Dead. It’s so addictive. Everything stops for The Walking Dead.

And now to the best bit. Here are my nominations for One Lovely Blog Award.

There’s a lot of good writing in these blogs and they’re well worth a visit.

So, that’s it. Now all I have to do it spread the good news to my nominees on their blogs.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday night.

Until the next time.



9 Thoughts

  1. Many many congratulations! And thank you so much for nominating me 🙂 I replied to your comment on my blog and then realised you might not see it, so I’m posting it here 🙂

    “Hiya, thank you so much for getting in touch and for nominating me for an award! I’m so sorry it’s taken me a few days to reply – work has been completely insanely busy, and unfortunately looks to get worse, so I’m a bit worried, but that’s for another day……which also explains why I’ve been a bit quieter in terms of likes/comments etc, even though I do often visit and read your excellent and often amusing posts 🙂 Somehow reading your writing makes me feel grounded and part of ‘real life’ – I think I spend so much time inside my head, it’s a joy to read about what’s going on both in and outside yours!
    Thank you so so much for your kind words, which I really do treasure. Informing is part of what I was hoping to do – if it’s also inspirational, that’s amazing, so thank you 🙂 My feelings on blog awards are conflicted and complicated – see
    I’ve ended up in a position where I’m trying to assuage both my conscience and my narcissistic streak by finding some sort of legal loophole position in which I acknowledge nominations but technically don’t fully accept them (because of all the ‘rules’ that go with them!). The concept of awards coming with ‘rules attached’ bothers me a bit, and I feel bad about accepting something and then not following its rules! I intend to set up a page for ‘blog award nominations’, but haven’t had time to do that yet! However, the bottom line is that I’m hugely grateful to be nominated, and love being nominated – I take it as a huge compliment and more than the nomination itself, the words of those who nominate me, like yours, are, in many ways, what mean the most. So thank you again, and thank you for commenting, and for your own writing. Take care xx”


    1. You’re very welcome 😊. We’re all different and I understand where you’re coming from.
      I hope work eases up a bit for you and that you get a chance to chill.
      Thanks for your kind words.💙

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much and thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve noticed that you liked a few of my posts, but I haven’t been able to find a link for you. Now you’ve commented I see a link and so I’ll be paying you a visit. See you soon.


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