My day so far…pants!

My mission was simple: retrieve the custard 🍮 tart from the plastic box and arrange on a plate.
And you think your day is pants?
Oh dear god there is no hope.
Still it’ll taste okay…because I haven’t been involved in the baking of it.
What else can I wreck today? Best not drive the car 🚗 today…or leave the 🏠 house. I need a health warning ⚠ stamped on my forehead!
Thanks for dropping by. I can hear you sniggering. Have a good day. It has to be better than this sorry attempt.
Until the next pathetic and laughable time.

P.S. Oh, and I appear to have pulled a muscle in my chest or something, so every time I laugh, and believe me I laughed and laughed at my wonderful presentation , it hurts like hell. Ouch! There it is again. LOL! Ouch!

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2 Thoughts

  1. Life is for living – buy bigger pants, but not so big that they fill your rotary airer. I, of course, have got a larger than average airer…bragging again!


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