Dark mornings and big coats.

Out for the first dog 🐶 walk of the day.
Houses in darkness as their occupants slumber deeply.
A big coat thrown over my pj’s, with bed hair and a naked face.
I don’t want to meet anyone.
I do…a fellow dog walker and a cheery paper boy.
Was I that happy, when I was a paper girl?
Dog 🐶 walked.
Back to bed…for coffee 🍵, live yoghurt (which is way more than I am) and to do morning pages.
Oh, and blog.
The joys of dark mornings and big coats…they hide a multitude of sins.
Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy the start of your Thursday. I hope to be back on here later on.
Until the next time.

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone .Landed in Scotland.

4 Thoughts

  1. Now, does your dog have a flashing collar on when it’s dark, Dorne? I take our dog out just as it is getting light, but it won’t belong before that’s not until 8.30am!! Flashing collar at the ready and we see lots of other flashing lights dashing across the park as we walk. It’s quite fun being a dog.


  2. I’m naughty and lurk in the dark shadows. I do have a torch with us…just in case and her ladyship does have a high visibility rain coat.
    I love the dark mornings and evenings.
    Yes, I think I’m coming back as a dog.

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