You’ll never guess what I’m up to. Well I was…until my back went into spasm about 15 minutes ago. Now I’m lying on the bed with my TENS machine doing overtime.
I am,well was, on the last stretch of the wall. Every so often my back spasms and I cry out and try to laugh. It sounds and looks ridiculous.
I don’t want to have to move everything back and start over again tomorrow. But, it’s looking a bit iffy at the moment. I can feel a soak in a bubble bath 🛀 coming on.
Oh, damn, blast and knickers to it.
It’s my own stupid fault for over reaching and twisting.
I hope your day is going better.
I can’t even sit at my desk at the moment, without screaming…even more than I usually do! LOL.
On the plus side the bedroom is looking great.
Thanks for taking the time to ouch! visit and ooh! I’m going for a bath.
This reads like something from an erotic novel gone very badly wrong.
Enjoy your oh dear god –
Until the next arrh time!

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3 Thoughts

    1. The bath helped but then I lifted something heavier than I thought it was… and oh sod!
      I’m writing from my bed office, at the moment. I’ll be okay…it’s happened before and it’ll happen again, because I never learn and life goes on.


      1. So it does. I have to be so careful when lifting anything now because of the bad back. The last time I did my back in I suffered for over a week. Taking the dog out was OK but trying to clan up his mess was very painful. Once or twice, some very helpful other dog walkers helped me out, which was very nice of them.

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