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The rain came.

PICT3192_edited rain on the windowIt began with the odd spot and splash of rain.

Gradually it built up to an almighty downpour.

2014-14-11--21-41-09 rain on the window cThe plain glass suddenly became frosted.

I sat inside, cosy and warm.

And watched the watery world outside.

Our gardens are well watered now.

I can’t believe the volume of water that cascaded down on us today. It was incredible.

Thanks for visiting and have a great Friday night.

Until the next time.


Many moons ago, I started to write. But, as life twisted and turned the only thing I got to write was letters, in my job. Things changed, I left my job and returned to the writing. I have loads of ideas and very little time to do them in.( Sound familiar?) I write, because I need to. When I am unable to write I walk in the shadow of madness. Some folk would argue that I'm there already. As well as writing, I read, paint, garden, knit and have just started making candles. I am owned by a retired greyhound called Daisy. My previous greyhound(Misty) was the inspiration to get writing again. Daisy is keeping that inspiration alive. Thanks for reading. Dorne x

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