This is becoming a habit.

A Saturday afternoon thought.

How many times have you been motivated and suddenly sprung into action, only to crawl to a stop, a short time later? I know I have…many times. But, that is the difference between achievers and day dreamers, isn’t it.

This year I have determined to put some of my long-held dreams into action. This blog is one of them. That’s the magic bit. Now the habit must be maintained and I think the magic behind that is personal and different for each of us.

I still have so many things I want and plan to do. I would probably have to live to be at least 130 to accomplish them. That isn’t going to happen. I’d be such a cantankerous, old biddy…someone would have to put me down, humanely, or non-humanely depending on how much I had annoyed them!.

So I need to develop good habits. I’m looking for inspiration and want to see how other people do it.

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I am planning on sharing some of my thoughts on this. [Another threat!] My motivation and habits that is. Not the  spiders and rain!

How about you?

  • What motivates you?
  • How do you keep going?
  • Do you have a good writing habit, or is it hit and miss, like so many of us?

Feel free to share your thoughts on here. Give us some pointers and ideas. It’s always good to hear back from you. It helps me to write what you want to hear about and as they say in the blogosphere…give you great content.  AS IF THAT IS  EVER GOING TO HAPPEN ON HERE? [Sniggering out of control.] But, you never know, one day I may learn and surprise you all.

I’m going away now to have hysterics. I may be back on here later on.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your Saturday.

Until the next motivated and habit forming time.



10 thoughts on “This is becoming a habit.

  1. I was thinking some of the same thoughts. I want to get some of my poetry and short stories published and I want to set up some kind of schedule to accomplish this in a blog format. A WIP (work in progress) weekly post of my goals and accomplishments would be welcome. Even if no one reads it I will have made it more realistic by writing it. You game? I’ll read yours if you read mine.

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  2. Let me count the times. Too many. 😦 It does make one think of just what it is that motivates oneself and just why others seem to accomplish so much and where do they get the energy and motivation. I never have liked reading motivational books. I end up being less motivated. Never finish a book.
    Not sure you can create motivation. It the spirit hits you it does, if not …..
    I do know that blogging has me writing things I never thought I would. I was very timid to start. Took months to get up the courage. 😦

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  3. Me too, I sat on the to blog, or not to blog fence for so long that the wooden slats had made very painful imprints on my writer’s bottom. But, once I jumped down, boy was it exciting.
    I think you are right in that if you feel passionate about something it drives you to push ahead with it. Sometimes you may turn away from it, but if it’s captured your heart, you’ll return to it.


  4. I don’t know what it is, but the very logging into WordPress motivates me. Trouble is, I start reading and then before I know it, the day has gone and I’ve done little if any writing. However, looking at photos on blogs, reading the stories and comments all motivate me, so now I’ve started a list of things I want to write about. The biggest motivation and sense of achievement I get is crossing items off that list.


    • I’m impressed Hugh, that’s pretty organised and a good habit. I write lists of things, add things that I’ve already done and cross those off, to kick start my list.
      I’m so sad and I can’t believe that I’ve actually shared that on here. But, this is the new brave Dorne! See today’s post, 16 November and you’ll see what I’m wittering on about!

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