Merry nearly Christmas to you all.

T2014-16-11--19-19-40merry nearly christmas card

There’s only something like five, maybe six weeks left to Christmas. PANIC NOW!

We hadn’t even got Bonfire Night out of the way, before  the commercial giants were rolling out one Christmas advert after another. Bonfire night is when we lovely people of Britain make effigies of Guy Fawkes, who hailed from York…that place where I’m usually to be found at the hospital. Guy was rumoured to have tried to do an Alex Salmond for England, only with dynamite, a wee while ago. But, he got caught out and was done away with, probably by having his brains scooped out; our predecessors  seemed to be rather big on that…makes you proud to be English.  Then we throw the effigy of Guy on a big, roaring bonfire, let off enough fireworks to create a smog big enough to cover Europe and last a month, and encourage kids to wave red-hot safe sparklers around .Lovely!

So, not to get left behind and to ram home that you haven’t got much time left…PANIC AGAIN! I’ve created the first of many Christmas images and ideas that I plan to bombard you with.

I’m a Christmas freak. Yes, I’m one of those sad people who get their Christmas tree up nice and early. In fact this sad person has got hers up now. Yes, you read that correctly. My Christmas tree is sitting in my lounge right now. WHY? Because it’s new, I ordered it, it promptly arrived, we set it up and we can’t be arsed [I said arsed on a Sunday!] to take it down and put it up again…so it’s stayed put. I must add, this tree is not your traditional tree; it’s one of those new white twig trees, with lights. It will have a few simple decorations. More is definitely less with this baby.

I’ll post a picture at some point. Bet you can’t wait!

I’ve got all sorts of things planned for Christmas, videos, music, cards, images, singing, dancing  and I might even write a bit. More of that this week.

I’ve joined forces with Colleen from her brilliant blog Silver Threading and we’re going to come clean about our writing goals and ambitions. Colleen is like me in that she is keen to publish some of her work. We figure that if we come on here and make it public, we may be more inclined to make it happen…right? Or not…either way we’ve got a blog post out of it and you share our triumphs and failures. Hopefully there won’t be too many of the latter, but life gets in the way sometimes. See, I’m making excuses already!

It’d be great if you’d pop by each of our blogs to see what goals we’ve set for ourselves and how we’re doing. It would be even greater if the braver amongst you felt inclined to join in. A bit scary? Yes, but then so is blogging. Push yourself a bit and see where it takes you…hey?

Why not join us in our quest to build on our writing experience and get ourselves out there even more? Or at the very least stay tuned to see how we fare.

With apologies to Alex Salmond, Guy Fawkes and witches everywhere.

On that note I must go and draw up a plan of action for tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by, don’t be traumatised by the impending Christmas…it will soon be over and we’ll all be broke, depressed and in the depths of darkest winter. Except me…my birthday is in the depths of darkest winter and I love it. Apparently, I’m right on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces and it’s so painful…it makes my eyes water!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening. Here in good old Blightly it’s Homeland on the telly. Just what does that Carrie think she’s up to? Bring back Brody, from the dead please.

Until the next nearly Christmas time.


8 thoughts

  1. Best of luck to Colleen and you. I’m not a betting man (well apart from the Lottery every Saturday night) but I’d say 2015 will the year you both publish that first title. If that doesn’t happen, then I’ll buy you both a mince pie and hot chocolate next Christmas 🙂 Deal?

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  2. Thanks Hugh. If I can ever get my head around the publishing extravaganza that is Kindle, I do plan to self publish. I’m way too impatient to do the rounds of traditional publishers. I quite like the idea of being in control of my work and any sales, if I’m very lucky.
    This of course, could all change.
    Thanks for your words of encouragement and offers of lovely Christmasy treats. It’s a deal.

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