Greyhound posting.

Her ladyship has overdone it with the white wine.
I wanted to show you what she has erected, right in front of my dog 🐶 bed.
She’s mad on Christmas 🎅, there ‘ll be no containing her now.
The whole house will look like Santa’s grotty.
It’s been a while since I last posted on here. The last time we were in her beloved Scotland. She’s mad on it…has a bit of a thing for a Scot in a kilt. She keeps threatening to take us, dad and I to Edinburgh. She’s like a big kid when she’s driving over the Forth Bridge.
There was some mention of another trip to Scotland. Who knows what she’s planning? We could end up there next week, for all I know. I get in the car, we drive and then there’s bag pipes and heather everywhere.
Then there’s Holy Island. They’ve been there, but I haven’t. She was going this year, but had to rush home…family matters.
Anyway, I need to get my greyhound beauty sleep.
Thanks for listening to me.
She’ll be back soon enough…hide! LOL 😁.

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4 Thoughts

  1. Yes, the same here. I’m contemplating giving my blog over to Misty. She would probably get more traffic, comments, ratings, likes, followers, blogging awards, and be mentioned on the freshly published, or whatever. She’d be on breakfast telly and write a book about it all. Then she’d likely become a columnist for the Guardian.
    She’d become unbearable to live with and would take over my laptop and desk.
    No chance…it’s all mine! LOL!

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