Yes, I’ve taken leave of my senses. Here’s Engelbert Humperdinck, or as I like to call him Ingelbert Honkeydick.

This smashing, very orange video, featuring numerous shades of lipstick and eye shadow, [maybe he was born with it?] is entitled The Hungry Years. Why? Our Ingelbert doesn’t look very hungry to me. In fact in some of the smouldering images he looks positively stuffed.

What’s provoked this nightmarish trip down a memory lane that quite frankly should have been demolished a long time ago?

Well, Ingelbert Honkeydonk was in a film on UK television tonight. He was shown reminiscing about playing sax and commented how he liked the sax! [Raised eyebrows! That is what he said. You could hear the muffled sound of a generation of grannies and quite possibly great grannies scream and then faint.]

When I’d finally got off the floor, stopped laughing, wiped the tears from my face and I could breathe again I just knew I had to pay tribute to the great British institution that is Ingelbert Dinkyhonk. This guy has been crooning for so long now, he must be tired and it must be way past his bedtime. But no, he still keeps going. Just the other year he did us proud in that other great British tradition of not being placed anywhere respectable, in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Here’s his entry.

Lovely! He was on first and he was still awake/alive at the end of it all.

Now, having being very cruel and positively bitchy about this poor guy, with all of his own hair and teeth, I’ll come clean.

When I was about ten I had a bit of a thing for Ingelbart  Enkydonk. Unbelievable but true! I liked his hair and teeth.

Now, I’m as mad as hell, because he still keeps going and crooning and I’m falling to pieces. I’ve still got my own hair and teeth, but for how long?

It’s just so unfair. Some people keep going and going and going and going and going…………………..

Thanks for stopping by. You probably wished you hadn’t, but that’s not my fault.  Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday night.

Sorry Engelbart Humptydink…I still love you really. xx

Until the next bitchy time.

8 Thoughts

  1. Yes Hugh, the Eurovision entry did for me as well. I’m glad you mentioned your onions, because Engelbert Humpaduck has done several songs about that very same subject.
    If my memory serves me right, there was Crying over your onions, If you love an onion, tell someone[they might be able to get you some help]. And my personal favourite…Once an onion, always an onion.
    In fact I feel sure that they will be included somewhere in the wonderful medleys that can be endured, sorry enjoyed on the web.
    I would have a look myself, but the bright orangeness of it all and the dazzling, enormous whiter than white teeth trigger a migraine. Then I have to go and lie down in a dark room and wait for the hysterical laughter and tears to subside, before I can really get into enjoying the migraine proper.


    1. And don’t forget his massive Christmas hit “I wish it could be onions every day” (or was that somebody else?) I’ll be playing that from Advent Sunday on 30th Nov 🙂 I hope the lie down has helped getting over those larger than life white teeth.

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      1. Hugh, I forgotten all about that, yes it was Engelbert Honkyduck that did that and didn’t it bring tears to the eyes!
        The hysterical laughter has now subsided and so long as I don’t get any more glow in the dark knashers coming at me, I’ll be fine thanks.
        I’m now trying to come up with some ideas for my guest post for your blog.
        When do you go to New York?
        Hopefully, I’ll find something to have a bitch and moan about before then.
        Be careful with those onions!
        I’ll be in touch.

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