I want a cuddle…not!

WIN_20141020_171613 (2)_edited CuddleI don’t quite know what to make of this.

Samantha Hess, in Portland, Oregon has opened up a new shop…Cuddle Up To Me. It’s taken off in a big way and she’s got 10,000 emails in one week.

Now, I could be being a bit cynical and hard-hearted here, but I’m struggling to see the need for this. So, I’ll try a bit harder to understand.

Sam, explains that she got the idea for her cuddling shop, when she was at a low point in her life.

The Independent reports that : For $60 customers can get an hour’s worth of spooning and ‘the level of human contact that we want or need in order to be our optimal selves.’

For your $60 you get hair stroking, hand – holding and a plethora of different cuddle positions. Sessions are taped for the safety of all concerned, talking is optional and pyjamas are encouraged.

I think that this speaks volumes about the state of our society today. People who are so lonely and lacking in human contact that they have to pay to get it

On the other hand this might be just what some people want. A bit of closeness, without the complicated mess that can result from a relationship. It takes all sorts to make the world go around!

For me personally, I would slap anyone who stroked my hair. I’m not especially into holding hands.[ I do with my hubby sometimes…it’s preferable to him falling over!] I’m such a romantic little soul. As for the cuddling positions…you can forget that.

It’s not that I object to cuddling, I just like to preferably know the person I’m cuddling, reasonably well. The same goes for kissing. Some people are huggers and kissers. They’ll kiss and hug people when they meet. I really struggle with that. I’m friendly, but don’t hug me and kiss me at your peril. One of the reasons I stay in on New Year’s Eve is the kissing and hugging that goes on at midnight. We’ve gone from one second to another and everyone takes leave of their senses. It’s a new year, so let’s snog someone’s face off, whether they like it or not. After all it’s a new year they won’t mind. Oh yes they will. Leave me alone.

In my younger years I quietly escaped from pubs and parties to avoid drunken threats of I’m coming for my kiss at midnight ,darling.

Back to Ms Hess and her customers clambering for a cuddle. What would she do if a customer turned up with body odour, halitosis, or displaying less than perfect cuddling manners? You can’t gauge a person’s personal hygiene from an email and let’s face it, an hour’s spooning and trying out a variety of cuddling positions will bring you into pretty close contact with your paying cuddler.

What if your worst nightmare, dressed up as a paying customer walked in to your shop? An hour is a long time to be spooning with a slime ball. What if she didn’t like what they talked about…could she make them sign an agreement as to what topics were out-of-bounds?

And I personally think pyjama wearing is just asking for trouble. I’d insist on them wearing full a suit of body armour.

I can’t decide whether this lady is a big earth mama and wants to fill the world with love, or a shrewd and brave business woman, who has found what she thinks is a viable business opportunity, and dressed it up as a much-needed service.

What do you think? As there’s no link to this piece I tweeted it. If you want to have a read of it, click on my Twitter feed. It’s about the sixth tweet down.

I’d be fascinated to hear other people’s views on this. I am after all, British and we are known to keep a stiff upper lip. Maybe we should loosen up a bit more and get cuddling?

That’s it for now and I thank you for dropping by. Enjoy your Thursday evening, wherever you are and whoever you’re with. But most of all enjoy the cuddles and kisses. I suppose we should appreciate them more. It seems some poor souls are crying out for them.

Until the next cuddly time.

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