This blogging world.



Copyright: Stuart Miles.

Copyright: Stuart Miles.

Why do you blog? That’s a question that I get asked quite a bit and I’m guessing you do too.  Because I want to is my answer. Suffice to say that the folk doing the asking don’t blog, don’t follow any blogs and just don’t get it. Each to their own.

But as with everything, there are times and always will be , when we will perhaps question our need to blog. Yes? When we’ve got a million things to do or someone wants our attention. We don’t feel well; or we just don’t feel inspired. Then, it would be all too easy to just retreat from the blogosphere, citing all the valid reasons that prevent us from blogging. But, and it’s a BIG BUT…we can’t, can we? We may disappear off for a while and busy ourselves doing other things and attending to our lives. Sooner or later we catch ourselves looking at a subject or scene and thinking that would make a great image for my blog. Or, someone says something and we’re writing the blog post in your head.

Let’s face it we’re addicted, aren’t we? But, it a responsibility and particularly as our readers multiply. It’s hard to take in at first…that someone out there actually reads our words and takes the time and the trouble to visit our blog, or subscribe to our email feed, so they can keep up with what we’re up to and writing about. That is very gratifying and terrifying. Now, we have the readership we have to provide them with something to read.

We post and within seconds our negative head is telling us it’s rubbish and asking us what we were thinking of. People visit and like…more than we could imagine. Wow…we did something right! So, we think of something more meaty to write about and pour our hearts and souls into it. we get the traffic, but no one likes it.

We play around with the widgets and put up all sorts of useful gismos to help and encourage our readers to rate our posts…they don’t. Have we done it right and are they seeing the ratings? …yes, think so. Our posts suck…we have to face it. No one wants to rate us, so it’s back to the drawing board. How to create great content?

Our followers go up and up and then we lose some. We lose some more. Is it our posts, or WordPress that just of lately seems to have been a bit touchy? A lot of us seem to have had weird days of erratic stats, when we have had visitors, who have promptly disappeared and then reappeared, gone again and taken more people with them, and then all rushed back on again.

This blogging thing becomes a habit, doesn’t it?

I couldn’t be bothered, says the non-blogger.

But it does bother us and we carry on.

Hi, I’m Dorne and I’m addicted to blogging, how about you?

  • Do you suffer withdrawal symptoms, when you don’t blog?
  • Do you dream of blog posts?
  • Are you constantly on the look out for subjects and images for photos and videos for your blog?

Welcome to the world of blogging…you’re in good company!

I’m off to do some other writing…I haven’t scored enough writing goals yet and it’s driving me nuts.

Thanks for stopping by and if you’re blogging this afternoon, enjoy the sense of that high.

Until the next time,

3 thoughts on “This blogging world.

  1. Yes, I’m with you Dorne and say “I’m addicted to blogging.” There you go, I’ve said it now.

    It’s taken over my world since I started blogging in February this year, but I am loving every bit of it. I hate it when other parts of life get the way of Blogging and me.

    As for the stats, well there is a great mystery. Why does somebody follow you, never to visit, comment or like, ever again? How can somebody like a 1,500 word post within seconds of you publishing it? Why do some bloggers never respond to comments or questions about their posts? Why does anybody read my blog and follow me? 🙂


    • Yes, and they follow you and then un -follow you. People show up liking your posts when there’s no one showing up on your stats? And that’s a good point about something along the lines of War and Peace being liked within seconds of being published? I’ve given up on the stats. They’re not accurate and they drive you nuts. I don’t need that…I’m nuts enough!
      But, I love blogging and it’s becoming a way of life. I won’t give up on that.


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