Writing from dreams #2

2014-23-11--13-56-05 Dreams cI’ve been thinking about writers who have used their dreams to create pieces of fiction. This has been prompted in part, by the extremely vivid dream that I had last night. I dream a lot , but this is not the first time that I’ve had this dream and it felt like it was almost another piece of the jigsaw puzzle. I’m not to give anything away; but let’s just say that if I was a visionary, I’d be extremely concerned for the future of the Earth. Even more than I am now.

I am in the process of writing this up, as a piece of fiction. If I ever get it to a satisfactory and understandable level, I may post it on here…but for now it stays resolutely for my eyes only. No one would be able to understand it…even I don’t understand it.

I can only imagine the dream that Mary Shelley had when she dreamt up the story of Frankenstein’s Monster, in the summer of 1816. How clever of her to use her dream and create a wonderful story that scared the early teenage version of me, to death. I used to stay up late, on a Friday night and watch the films by myself. Then, I’d rush upstairs and have dreams of a square-headed monster with bolts in its neck, coming after me. Brilliant, scary stuff!

So, my questions to you this Sunday are…

  • Have you ever dreamt a story?
  • Play?
  • Screenplay?
  • Poem?
  • And if so, what did you do with it?

Are you having a chilled Sunday, or perhaps a manic Sunday? I’m somewhere in between…putting the finishing touches to this week’s deadline. Then, I’ll change my bed linen…I love fresh bedding on a Sunday night. I like to start a new week off fresh and clean. At bedtime I clamber into bed, with a cup of Earl Grey tea and read the Observer on my Kindle. Now, you’re probably all wondering if I end the week all stinky and dirty and with a bed that resembles Tracey Emins. [Meow!]  No…I’m still quite clean and so is the bed.

Anyway,thanks for dropping by and enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are and whoever you’re with.

Until the next time.







2 thoughts on “Writing from dreams #2

  1. I read quite a lot about Mary Shelley and the writing of Frankenstein. There were many factors influencing her at the time. It was a small ice age summer in 1816 in England that year and her husband and Lord Byron were trying to pass the time since it was too cold to even go outside. She wrote the story as a contest between the three of them. Experimenting with electrical shock was something new in the age she lived in and so she incorporated that into the story. I like to think the Frankenstein is the first science fiction story written. Can you imagine sitting around with Percy Shelley, Lord Byron and Mary Shelley and writing stories? WOW!!!

    Pursue your dream and turn it into a fabulous story Dorne. I can’t wait to read what you come up with!!!!


  2. Colleen, it would be fabulous to spend an evening with the likes of them! I didn’t know about the ice age summer, so thanks for that.
    I suspect that there was also a bit of early nineteenth century wacky back, or the equivalent used, don’t you?
    What a way to spend your summer hey? Hallucinating and writing…not that far removed from the sort of days I have! I don’t need the wacky backy, I’m spaced out enough without that stuff.
    Thanks for the additional information…cool. x


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