Life could be so much simpler!

confucius104563 inspirationThis is the story of my life really. Things could be so much simpler, if I just quit making it so complicated. Where there is a mole hill I will always make it into a mountain.

So, I’m going to simple up. Is that even a phrase? Doubt it…it is now. I’m going to become a simpleton…I think I’m probably that already.

I need to get off of this crazy ride for a while and chill out. Simplify my life.

I’ll start right now…add it to the writing goal. It’s a sort of writing goal, if I simplify things I can do more writing – right? Well, it sounds like a good enough plan to me.

I’ll update you on Monday, as to how simple I’ve become…der!

Why not check out my partner in crime’s blog post to see how she has done with her writing goals this week. I’ll give you a clue – it’s better than I have done.

Why not join me in my goal to be simple?

Thanks for stopping by and have a simple evening, with no complications.

Until the next simply complicated time.



2 thoughts

  1. You will do fine Dorne. Life gets in the way sometimes. That is why I only set 5 goals. If I don’t meet them I try again next week. I do not want you to stress about setting your goals. They will come to you when you are ready. ❤


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