Loch Ness Monster.

 I’m watching a programme on tv 📺 about the Loch Ness Monster 👾. The above image is a cropped photo 📷 from the Channel 5 +1 show.
It’s fascinating how we are so easily convinced by what we think we see.
This loch is so long and deep I would hope that there is something wonderful residing in its depths.
Or it’s circus 🎪 elephants, bathing in the loch…another recent theory.
I’ve driven along the banks of the loch, paddled in it, with my daughter and sailed down it. Even though I would have dearly loved to have spotted something, I didn’t.
Wouldn’t it be fabulous if some strange creature really existed. A video from 2006 shows two strange things swimming against the current.
Or are they seals?
Fascinating stuff.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your evening.
Until the next monstrous time.

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