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Her ladyship has been busy cleaning the bedroom carpets today. Well, I say carpets…she’s done the office/guest bedroom , the landing and stairs. Her logic was do the bedrooms one at a time to allow them to dry, so I don’t have to lie on a damp carpet. Tomorrow she’ll do the master bedroom. Keep up with this , I’ll be asking questions at the end of this post.

So, tonight we are basking in a rather warm cottage…to speed up the drying process. Those two numpties are wearing their swimming costumes and flip-flops, it’s so warm. They look ridiculous – there should really be a law against looking like that in your own home.

If someone knocks at the door, regardless of whether it is before 12am or after 1am, I won’t be answering it .I’d die of embarrassment, if anyone saw the state of these two, well it would be all around the village. I have my reputation to consider.

I did go and test the carpet in the office earlier on and it’s just about dry…mum was not impressed. She gave me that look of hers…the lights on, but there’s no one home. There never is.

Anyway, I can’t stay on here all night chatting. I’m going to watch the footie with dad and her ladyship is gawping at other people’s blogs and knitting herself a straitjacket, or something useful like that.

  • So, can you remember which carpet has been cleaned today?
  • Do you even care?
  • Are you going to watch the footie?
  • Would you prefer me to do the posts on here, in future and not the der brain?

Thank you so much for calling by and reading my words and thoughts. Have a fabulous evening, darlings.

Until the next time you have to endure the nutter.

Misty x


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