Mii …blobbiness eradication!

2014-26-11--12-59-15My blobbiness knows no bounds and it’s time to part company with it.

I was going to get Christmas out-of-the-way first [ yes, we somehow think that it’s mandatory to gorge ourselves over the Christmas period and live with the consequences] and then lose some weight and get fitter.

Not any more. The blobbiness has to go…it’s impacting on my life way too much. Not that I’m massive, but I’m not petite neither.

This  is my mii above. Yes, the fatty belly is slightly elaborated, but it serves as a timely reminder to shape up.

This afternoon I’m going jogging with my Wii. Yes, I know that this basically involves me jogging on the spot and waving at the other miis waving at me from my television screen.[ Yes, I’m sad!] I’ll do yoga…yesterday I was yoga teacher standard and really quite flexible for an old bird of 54. I was, however greatly unbalanced on the body core exercises. Tell me about it…story of my life!

I like to bowl, play tennis and box like crazy, on the Wii. All in the comfort of my own bedroom. I look ridiculous, but if it rids me of the seven bellies, then all well and good.

So, it’s another set of goals to achieve. Exercise and watching my diet a bit more closely usually helps to lose those troublesome pounds. I may bore you with my progress/non progress with this, as well as my writing goals.

Feel free to join me in my blobbiness eradication. But be warned, this will continue over the festive period. Once I start on something I have tunnel vision and if I’m starting to feel better, I won’t be letting it slide, not even for Christmas.

Then, of course I will have to buy new clothes to fit the new me and mii. Oh, what a shame…bring it on!

It’s sad I know, but it’s a great feeling when that computer tells me in its stupid, silly voice that I’ve achieved my goal. I could kiss and hug it…that’s not like me at all!

  • How about you?
  • Are you starting on your new year goals a bit early, as well?
  • Do you have any tips for losing weight and getting fit…apart from wiring our jaws up and getting our big fat bottoms out of that way too comfy chair and on the move…RIGHT NOW?

I need to do some power walking with the dog now.[That will so not happen!]

I’ve sat here for long enough…time to move it.

Thanks for stopping by and have yourself an active day.

Until the next blobby time.




5 thoughts on “Mii …blobbiness eradication!

  1. Good for you! I love our Wii also. I threw out my back this morning. I am sitting here at my desk on my ergomomic chair and the heating pad! If I don’t move I don’t hurt. LOL! I keep track of my weight with my Weight Watchers. I actually write down everything I eat and count the points. It helps me to be accountable. There are many free phone apps that help you do that too. Good luck Dorne. I am right there with you. ❤


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