A quick thought.

williamshakespeare164317 inspiration_editedI’ve given this the title of a quick thought…but it’s far from being that. Just think about it for a minute. In fact you could spend hours contemplating it.

What will we become? How will our lives play out? And, more importantly how much influence will we exert over our lives? Do we have the power to change our lives, or is all down to destiny?

Personally, I think it’s half and half. A bit of destiny intertwined with a healthy dollop of free will.

I have a vision in my head of the future me, with my accomplishments in a pile at the side of me. Some of them are long-held dreams and some of them popped up as I meandered my way through life’s valley.

Whether or not my future self will match my current expectations remains to be seen. If I’m lucky I will exceed my dreams and other things will surprise me and change my dreams. One thing is for sure…I am looking forward to finding out.

  • How do you see your future self?
  • Do you have plans to make it happen?
  • Does it scare you, or fill you with hope?

Thanks, as always for stopping by and have a great Friday. I am planning to post again later on, so I’ll see you later.

Until the next time.


2 Thoughts

  1. Right at this moment I thinking about getting up and out of the computer chair, throwing out the cold cup of coffee, getting out of my jp’s and that is as quick as I can think. 😦


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