I’m dreaming of a petrifying/hysterical Christmas.

on¬†ANDthomasaedison125362 (2)Well, I’ve got my imagination…which works overtime and I’ve got my pile of junk to invent something with. What? A video…oh dear god, no. Oh yes!

I’m busily creating a hideous monstrosity for You Tube.


Photo credit: Privileg 13

Photo credit: Privileg 13

Then, not content to make a Wally of myself on there I plan to also upload it on here…for added embarrassment. I’ve been threatening this for so long and I eventually/usually carry through on my threats. Besides, how bad can it be?

Terrible, actually. Not content with a¬†video that shakes and is out of focus, by¬†yours truly;¬†I’m also adding a soundtrack. This sounds impressive…it isn’t. I’m creating it by using a music creating app on my computer. For what it is, it isn’t bad, but it’s no Mike Oldfield.

It largely consists of loops, with different styles and sounds. Thus far, my musical composition sounds okay…for the first 12 bars [ I nearly typed that as bras!] then it becomes migraine inducing. At the end of it all…about five hours, it is murder inducing. You just want to take an axe to someone – quite possibly me.

So, it needs to be cut and cut some more.¬†In short I should consider binning it and starting again. I’ve done that about twenty times already…some of us don’t know when something is truly rubbish and we should walk away.

Why the obsession with this video? Well, it’s something different to try. I’m interested to see how awful it will be. I have no shame and I love to make people laugh. This pathetic thing will make you cry with laughter. It could go viral, for all of the wrong reasons!


AND…I’m not stopping there…oh no!

I’m thinking about writing a short ghost¬†story for Christmas and posting it on here. That sounds like a cool idea…yes? Except I can’t really write fiction. So, I have no idea what we’ll end up with…but it’s worth a try. When you all abandon me I’ll know that it wasn’t perhaps the best idea.

Is there anyone out there interested in joining me? We could post our stories and do a link…a ping back? If I ever get my der brain around that.

Or, we could all write a story together. Each adding a bit and seeing what we end up with. Could we all reblog each other?¬†¬†I also have no idea how that would work, but hopefully there will be some adventurous and interested ¬†souls out there who have read their how to blog properly book and will be able to come up with some ideas! I too will read up on this. That’s another threat!

I love ghost stories at Christmas. Yes, it’s for the little kids and Santa but the big kids need their glass of sherry/whisky/wine/ beer in fact any thing they can get their hands on and a¬†roaring fire/electric fire/ gas fire/ candles and a good old terrifying ghost story. The sort that makes you not want to leave the house, for fear of what lurks outside. [Usually me and the dog!]

So, if there’s anyone who¬†would like¬†to contribute to a right old spooky Christmas…leave a comment and your ideas¬†below and I’ll get my thinking cap on, as well.

Either way, there will be a story, of sorts on here by Christmas Eve. We need to be petrified/hysterical by midnight.

Right, it’s¬†back to my video now. Thanks for taking the time to visit and enjoy the rest of your Friday night. I will be partaking of a little wine soon[ Weightwatchers…I kid you not. I need to be slimmer…again!] , so If I appear on here again later on, watch out –¬†it could get messy. You have been warned.

Until the next time.


2 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a petrifying/hysterical Christmas.

  1. LOL! That’s great. Well, as you say God help us! Do you think a joint one would work…or do you prefer to do your own?
    I have in my mind where someone starts it off and some one else pastes it into their post and adds some more and so on. There is a name for it , but I don’t know what it is. I’ve taken part in one before and it was brilliant. Or there may be an even easier way of doing it…I don’t know.
    But, I am quite keen to attempt my own story as well. I’m feeling very daring – and stupid.
    I think most people will be so drunk, they won’t notice just how dire my story really is…LOL! Well, that’s what I’m hoping anyway.
    Ideally, I’d like to do both…how about you? x


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