My greyhound Saturday…so far.

If you can’t beat em…join em! That’s my motto and besides it’s hard work being a greyhound.
Her ladyship is decidedly off it today. She’s been snoozing this afternoon.
I’m going to take her for a walk soon…poor old thing. A walk 🚶 will do her good.
I’m quite getting into this blogging thing. In fact she was talking to her sister, who suggested that maybe I should write the blog in future!
I’m planning it now.
•A morning snooze with Misty.
•A afternoon nap with Misty.
•Is your bed comfy enough?
•How to plan your day in lovely naps.
Right…it’s time I got her ladyship organised and 😍 moving.
Thank you for visiting again and have a good sleepy, snoozy Saturday night.
Until the next zonked out time.

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