Walking 🚶 with the dead…greyhound posting.

I really fancied a walk this morning. So about 6.30 I began to dance on one leg. It works a treat. Sure enough her ladyship crawled out of her coffin, threw on her duvet-like coat and off we went…up the lane.
I’m glad it was dark, I’d be embarrassed to meet anyone, with the zombie in tow. With her bed hair, lack of war paint and dodgy walk 🚶 it’s always a relief when we get back home.
So, I’ve had my first walk of the day and she’s now overdosing on caffeine and trying to look human. That’s not going to work!
I’m off to lie on my back and dream of that hunky golden retriever I met the other day. I think I may be in love.
Thanks for stopping by to read my post.
The zombie will no doubt be back on here, at some point.
Enjoy your Saturday, my darlings
Until she posts again.

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone .Landed in Scotland.

2 Thoughts

  1. Hehe, good one to you too. We dragged ourselves out too, but saw lions who really fancied a closer look at Boeta, made me feel uneasy so we left the area and Boeta played with a rabbit instead!


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