One goal out of two.

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Depending on how you look at it, this week I’ve been fifty per cent successful, with my writing goals. Or, I only had two things on my list, carried over from last week and I’ve done one.

The completed piece of work is the guest blog. That is done and waiting to wing its way over to Hugh’s Views and News blog. The sadly neglected piece is the pitch to a new publication.

Let me be perfectly honest with you here…I’m not really getting on with this weekly goal setting. It’s jarring with me and, for some reason is affecting my creativity.

So, I’m not about to give in, because I think at some level, it may assist my writing…or it may not. Time will tell. But, I am going to change to a monthly target. I feel this will work better for me, for the blog and for you; if you are interested in following my attempts to get more organised.

When I look at my stats I see a load of rubbish, strange numbers and not a lot else. I do note that my writing goal post may not be the most interesting thing you’ve ever read. I can’t argue with you there and so I will shake things up a bit and try to think outside of the box.

One thing I have discovered though, in the two short weeks that Colleen, my partner in crime on Silver Threading have been doing this is that I am craving my mad and messy approach to writing. We all work differently and my style would be enough to drive most of you to despair…but it floats my boat.

So, my goal is also to find a routine…dirty word for me , that enables me remain true to my bonkers, free and creative self, but, at the same time gets me thinking about and achieving my  goals.

I think the answer lies in the way I make lists and deal with them. I’m working on this.

It was never my intention to bore you with every single thing that I do with my writing and some things will remain off-limits. Think of it this way…it’ll take away the magic if I reveal them too soon; and some of them will never be revealed… because I fear they’re not pretty and clever enough.

Very loosely and laid back…[peace man] my goals for this month are:

Improve and build on my blog.

Single out some new victims/editors and bombard them with my daft ideas.  I am aiming for two.

Pitch to my usual publications…they’ve got away with it for too long.

Write some more chapters for my e-book  idea.

Work on a Christmas ghost story for here. More details to follow.

I will still keep you updated on my progress, whether you want to know or not. If I’m having a pants day you’ll know about it. A good day will probably involve wine/whisky.

Now I need to go and do one more post for here  and hang out on my favourite blogs and see how it’s done!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Monday evening.

I’ll be back soon.




5 thoughts

  1. I feel that monthly goals will be better. I think given the week that you’ve just had with your back, you’ve done brilliantly. I hope you’re on the mend and keep up the good work! x


  2. Hi Dorne, keep up the good work and if moving to monthly goals works for you, then all the better. Last thing you want is to get stressed out on not achieving some of the goals. Colleen’s weekly goal post had some great advice on it on how to break down each goal into smaller more achievable sections. You’ve both done a great job. My guest post is ready as well so just let me know how we should now proceed.

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