Maybe I should buy some presents?

PicsArt_26_11_2014 21_36_18 (2)Just twenty-four days to go…PANIC NOW!

Some of us have decked our houses out in Christmas decorations [pictures to follow] but have not made any attempt with the buying of presents , as yet. Maybe this would be a good time to start…otherwise Santa is going to be a rotten, mean rat bag!

The commercialised side of Christmas is the ugly face of this time of the year. The unbelievable scenes that have  played out on our television screens recently, as Black Friday resulted in red mist! I honestly couldn’t be bothered; for the same reasons that I wouldn’t mess up my Christmas Day by preparing for the Boxing Day sales.

But, it takes all sorts to make the world go around and maybe you enjoy bagging yourself a bargain. I do as well, so long as I don’t have to do anything silly, like get out of my coffin too early.

I’ve been on the other side – in the Boxing Day shop and no matter how cheerful you try to make it…sweets, food – it’s pretty grim. I was only too aware of the staff wanting to be off home to continue with their festivities and so I shut the shop as early as I could get away with. Everybody happy…a good day’s takings, for the company and staff hurrying off home to their Christmas celebrations.

A lot of my Christmas shopping will be done online. Hubby is not up to  going around town. Although he is getting used to the batmobile , he gets a bit anxious in crowds. Then he usually runs me over in his haste! LOL! I don’t really want him running anyone else over…I’d get so jealous.

So, I’m going to grab some super, healthy, we make you slim mince pies, along with some sherry that also helps you to watch your weight , plonk my extremely petite derriere in my computer chair and go shopping with my laptop. I may even wear a Santa hat and sing carols, whilst I’m doing it!

Right now, I have to sort out some more blog posts for later on today. Oh, and the house could use a little love and attention. I need to go and dust the Christmas tree.

I think the attacks of yesterday are done with…hopefully [slimeballs!], so I should be back on here later on.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by here and enjoy your Monday.

Until the next time.




5 thoughts on “Maybe I should buy some presents?

  1. I’m with you, Dorne, on doing Christmas shopping online. Why waste time in long queues at the shops when you could be sat at home with a sherry and mince pie, waiting for the parcels to arrive while catching up on blogs. Plus, a lot of online retailers will even wrap the presents up for you, so no wasted time spent on trying to find the end of the sellotape!!

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  2. Oh, tell me about the end of the sellotape! And when you’ve just got the piece of tape that you want and it twists and try as you might you can’t stop it from sticking to the other side…and it wraps around your fingers, and you can’t get free. It takes you two hours to extricate yourself from it! Good fun hey?

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