My advent calendar. Nature’s chill out.

2014-04-12--11-31-18 Blog post pic cThe madness of this silly season happens to coincide with some beautiful sunsets, here in the UK.

Yesterday my greyhound and I took a walk in one of our favourite fields. This is the field where earlier this year and in the early stages of my blogging career, I bared all in public.

You can read this early post here:

Going back to my more sedate walk of yesterday, we wandered up the path and avoided the still growing nettles! [ this field has now been fenced off.] I’ve had a rant on here about that as well. I’m in the process of going through my 400 plus posts on here and some of them will be re-visited, between now and the new year, including that one.

I was watching out for deer and Misty [ my greyhound] was watching out for anything that moved. Sadly, I didn’t see any deer, but I got to see this magnificent sunset.

I always find sunsets so peaceful and at present, when life is just that bit extra bonkers, it’s good to just stand still and take in nature’s fabulous show.

Suitably de stressed, I wandered back down home and got on with the madness and mayhem.

Wherever you are, or whatever you’re doing today, why not take a minute to just pause and relax. Let go of that stress. I hope that my images from yesterday help you to chill out.


Thanks for taking the time to visit and enjoy your day.

Until the next time.

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