My Advent calendar…present buying tips!



Owner: Pacific Software

Owner: Pacific Software

Seventeen days to go and I still need to get my act together on the present front. Do you need some inspiration for presents?…well you’re  in the right /wrong place depending on what you think of these.

For the man in your life.

Credit: Telegraph Men

Credit: Telegraph Men

Forget about the Christmas sweater…that’s so LAST YEAR. These dazzling little numbers are in instead. Made in luxurious polyester, they even sport the matching ties. A lovely little touch…and you’d have to be pretty touched to wear one.

What’s that you say? You have one. Well. I’m sure you’ll look smashing and dandy down at the village pub. I could imagine my hubby wearing one of these to our local…LOL! NOT!

For the woman in your life.


Credit: The Designer Toilet Roll Company

Forget about sexy lingerie, perfume, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, socks, dish cloths, or any of the usual presents that we girlies just long to find underneath the Christmas tree. This is really whnt we want boys. Oh to have one of these cheeky, but fabulous loo rolls on our toilet roll holder would be just perfect. Am I right girls? I’m greedy…I would love one for my bathroom and cloakroom!

For the little ones in your nightmarish lives.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

If you want a peaceful and trouble-free Christmas, you’d better get buying your little poppets this. It’s what all of their friends will get …you don’t want them to feel left out do you? You know – peer pressure and all that!

Re-mortgage the house, sell your body/ bits of your body, whatever it takes to make them happy. If they’re  happy= you’re happy. You know it’s the first rule of good parenting.

I’m off to buy hubby one of these suits, drop dirty great big hints about how I’d love a loo roll and spend all of our savings on the grandkids. The kids get nothing, because they’ve provided the grandkids and that’s more than we can take and afford!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you have a lovely, relaxing Sunday. Yeah, right!

Until the next time.




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  1. Oh dear, I’ve just got back from doing my Christmas shopping before I read you advise. I suppose I could always take everything back but that would mean another trip back to the shops and I’m not going anywhere near them now until mid January when the sales have finished 🙂


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