Greyhound posting…getting things moving.

What’s your idea of a perfect morning?
Sometimes I like to sleep 💤 late and on occasions I want to be up and out and about. And so it was at 5.45 this morning the zombie and I found ourselves at large in a lightly frosted West Ayton. We were lovely and toasty in our winter clobber, though.
The zombie was on automatic pilot and walked normally…not like the penguin walk 🚶 that she does, when it’s icy. That’s so embarrassing…mind you , they’re all doing it. It looks ridiculous. Or she puts her grips on. Anyone would think we were going up a mountain!
Anyhow, this morning it was lovely and still, with the waning moon still high in a cloudy sky.
I did my thing and we headed back.
I think the walk will have helped the zombie…she was well off it yesterday.
If you’ll excuse me now, I need to get some more beauty sleep.
Thanks for stopping by. Next time get here a bit earlier and you can go for a walk 🚶 with my zombie mum and I.
Have a great day and in this part of the world you’re going to need your woolly knickers!
The zombie will be back later on darlings, with her Advent calendar.

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4 Thoughts

  1. Perfect morning is when the coffee is brewing when I arise. 🙂 Then leave me alone for an hour or so while I catch up with my comments and likes.
    Then we’ll talk. 🙂


    1. Me too. But my dog dances on one leg, throws her toys around and becomes a born-again puppy. I can’t ignore that…too cute.
      Then it’s back for coffee and morning pages. x


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