Writer’s Quote Wednesday.

writers-quote-wednesday_thumbI’ve been threatening to take part in this weekly post, devised by Colleen Chesebro, over on the brilliant Silverthreading  blog, for so long. Well, today is the day that I make good that threat.

Colleen asks for a quote from a favourite author, that has inspired us and that will hopefully, act as inspiration for our fellow bloggers. Check out Colleen’s  quote here  http://silverthreading.com/2014/12/10/writers-quote-wednesday-121014erika-kind

So, here is mine:

Photo credit: Photoride.com
Photo credit: Photoride.com
I try to create sympathy for my characters, then turn the monsters loose. 

Stephen King.

And doesn’t he do it just perfectly?

Well, if I’ve done this correctly, as per Colleen’s instructions, that will mean that little ole me has mastered a ping back! If that is the case I will be having a PINGBACK party, with mince pies, sherry,wine, Earl Grey tea and Frank Sinatra. [Not actually in person, you understand.] Feel free to join in…especially if you’ve mastered a ping back, or any other weird sounding blogging thing. The more the merrier and any excuse to have a party!

I enjoyed taking part in this Colleen.

Thanks for dropping by and reading. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Until the next time.


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday.

  1. Well done Dorne! I am so happy to see you and the quote and image you picked are fabulous!!!! Thanks so much. I know WordPress has been having some issues with pingbacks so I am going to get Inlinkz set up (with instructions) so that we do not have those issues anymore! ❤


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