I know that they’re there, but their stats say that they’re not there.

Photo credit:  Copied from Katie Jenner- Blogging News.
Photo credit:
Copied from Katie Jenner- Blogging News.

I don’t believe it…and neither does this cat.

I know that I responded to comments left on my blog… days ago and yet, when I look today – they’re not there! What is going on? I distinctly recall coming up with some remark and posting it…and yet it isn’t there.

Someone else has told me that some of the links are not working…now where have we heard that one before?

So, this is just to say that if you’ve liked one of my posts [ you need to keep taking the tablets], or even been very brave and left a comment and are thinking that I haven’t responded to you and that I’m incredibly rude. Or, you’ve been clicking on my links and they don’t work [ story of my life that one!].

  • Yes, I am rude.
  • I probably have responded to you.
  • But, it just cleared off, into the blogosphere.
  • So, it looks like I have just ignored you.
  • I haven’t and I’ll be with you soon.
  • Yes, I do ramble on.
  • No, it doesn’t help at all.
  • My links are broken…I’ll fix them…sort of!
  • AGAIN!

In short, I’m sorry, horrified, dismayed and just ever so slightly furious. And right now I look like the cat above.

Leave it with me and before I reach sixty, I will rectify it all.

You might think you’ve got away with not hearing from me, but you haven’t.

Oh and another thing…how come, on WordPress stats you have x  number of visitors and on Stats Counter your visitor numbers are completely different?You see comments appearing from your regular victims  visitors, so know that they are on your blog. But, the stats say they’re not. And it isn’t a delayed count…it just doesn’t count and they never show on your stats…at all. They’re there, but they’re not there and their presence is there…you know, but according to the stats they’re not there. Get it?  I don’t , not at all.

What information can we glean from that? Nothing whatsoever. It’s complete nonsense. Study your stats they say…they provide you with valuable information. I say:  study your stats, they’ll drive you demented.

I feel a large sherry coming on and a lie down in a dark room…again.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the remainder of your Wednesday.


Until the next time.


10 Thoughts

  1. I use my laptop for most of my posts. I have comments stuck in limbo on my android phone and on my tablet. These are comments that I took care of on one of the three mediums. When I look at the comments on my laptop it says all is fine. On my phone and tablet it is another thing. So, if I try to get rid of the comments on the phone or the table I get an error message. I sent a message to WordPress and the answer back was to clear out my cache. Did that and still there are 23 messages stuck on my phone and 15 or so stuck on my tablet. So much for that I guess… I could not find you yesterday. When I clicked on your link that shows in the comments section it took me to a blank page (home). I could get to your about page but that was all…

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    1. Yes, I couldn’t find me yesterday! LOL.
      I think that must be the problem…I read and comment on my phone and tablet as well. It only seems to be working properly on my laptop. Which rather defeats the whole object of being able to access and view blogland from different readers, doesn’t it?
      Never mind…nothing is perfect and it gives us something to blog about. x

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      1. Yes, a big waste of time. That new stats page is horrible. There was a poll where you could write your opinion about it. And I did!!!! lol
        I don’t know how anyone getting hundreds of likes on each post can possible get around to read each followers blog.
        OH….they don’t actually read them, they just give generous likes. 🙂


      2. I have the Stats Counter thing as well and that is even worse. That thing shows completely different stats to the WordPress one. And der brain here is paying for the privilege of being confused beyond reason. I thought it might show me where my readers come from…it doesn’t. Not to worry…I surrender! x

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  2. My stats are all over the place. On one hand on my home page I have a message saying “you are following this blog with 1,269 other people” yet on my WordPress dashboard it says you have ‘378 followers and 15 people follow you via email.’ I’m not sure which is correct but it’s confusing even for somebody who has not had a drink this evening.

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    1. Ooh…I’ve never looked at the dashboard figures…it took me long enough to figure out that I had followers. I thought it was me and two others.
      I’m giving up with the stats and sticking with the words. People can come and go and I’ll never know. Yeah, right…like that’s going to happen!

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  3. I started my blog in May and gave up on my stats in August. Trying to keep the blog growing was just too much hard work and it wasn’t fun. Since then my stats have crashed but I think they were fake anyway. If I wanted to massage my ego I could just do two little posts instead of one, I would get many more visits and likes but just the same number of people. It is easy to manipulate your own figures. Likes and follows are not real but faeries are 🙂

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  4. Well said, Colin. The stats are not accurate and you’re right about the shorter posts. They seem to get more likes. But who wants to write short posts all of the time? Sometimes we need to write a more lengthy post and then our true followers will read.
    I can’t keep pace with the likes, follows and comments. Add social media to that and I’m stuffed! Sometimes it takes the fun out of blogging! I call it blog admin, because that’s what it is.
    And yes, faeries are real! x

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