Writer’s Quote Wednesday: William Wordsworth.

writers-quote-wednesday_thumbI’m a day late with this… but better late, than never. This is part of Writer’s Quote Wednesday, that is kindly hosted by Colleen on Silver Threading. It involves doing a pingback and I hope I’m getting the hang of it. Check out Colleen’s quote here : http://silverthreading.com/2014/12/17/writers-quote-wednesday-121714-c-s-lewis

The Lake District National Park, England. Photo Credit: imgur.com

The Lake District National Park, England.
Photo Credit: imgur.com

One of my favourite places in England is the Lake District and it is from this beautiful place that my chosen writer hailed from.


I have two quotes for you…here’s the first.

Photo credit: quotehd.com

Photo credit: quotehd.com

I try to visit Grasmere, where his grave is, at least once a year. It feels like my second home.

Photo credit: visitcumbria.com

Photo credit: visitcumbria.com

It’s a beautiful place…guaranteed to appeal to your creative side; whether it be writing, painting or photography…I’ve done all three there. I can appreciate how the stunning scenery inspired Wordsworth and resulted in some wonderful words.

Here’s another quote.

Photo credit: rugsaway.com

Photo credit: rugsaway.com

Thanks to Colleen for hosting this blogging event and I hope you’ve enjoyed these quotes. If you ever decide to visit the Lake District give Grasmere a visit. There’s a museum at Dove Cottage, where he lived.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and enjoy the rest of your Thursday.

Until the next time.


10 thoughts

  1. Thanks Colleen. When you walk around Grasmere and stand at Wordsworth’s grave, it’s almost as if his ghost walks with you. There has never been a time when there hasn’t been someone stood at his grave. He must have the most visits.
    And every time I look at a daffodil he springs to mind.’
    Sorry it was late…it’s a bit mad here, at the moment. But, then everywhere is! Great, isn’t it? x

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  2. Don’t worry about being late. I saved your email with your post. The ping back did not work (yet). Let’s hope they get that fixed soon. Until then what you do is copy the http:// address of your post and put it in the comments section of my original post. That way I will know it is there. Double work, but you never know when the ping backs work or not. Look in the comments section and you will see what the ping backs look like. By the way, you did do it right and when I clicked on the link it took me right to my post. I think your blog is possessed. LOL. ❤ ❤

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