Grabbing my attention.

This will have to be a quick post. I have to be somewhere else, doing something else. Don’t we all?
The picture 📷 shows my favourite weeping willow, by the river in our village. It stopped me in my tracks, as I walked my pooch the other day. Reminding me that there is always something new to be experienced. It demanded my attention.
Much the same as my attention is being demanded today.
What I really want is to have a few hours in the blogsophere. Reading, commenting and just being part of my blogging family. But, for now I have another family 👪 that requires my presence and attention.
This family is real and comes with many obstacles, to be overcome. They also offer laughter, love ❤ and a bond that can’t be broken.
So, it will be another day of flitting between my two families…real and blog. There will no doubt be some blogging withdrawal symptoms, as well. Just as I miss my family, when I don’t see them
How about you? Are you juggling families and other things?
Thanks for stopping by and have a great Sunday.
Until the next time.

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5 Thoughts

  1. Yup, juggling like crazy here and have been since Dec 22nd. I was hoping these days between Christmas and New Year would be quiet, but it seems not for me. Must say though, I have enjoyed the break away from Planet Blog, but equally I’m looking forward to coming back…soon 🙂

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  2. Yes, I agree. But, I do feel a bit weird not blogging. I’m looking forward to reading your posts again and I have to do the Christmas tree post for you . Haven’t forgotten…just haven’t had time. x


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