Here’s what’s on top of my Christmas tree – what’s on top of yours?

Robin on treeThis is what is on the top of my Christmas tree. I don’t do fairies…I’m away with them way  too much, as it is.

This post is to help Angela and Hugh on Hugh’s Views and News.[Regular readers of this blog type thing will remember that Hugh was a guest poster on here, just before the onset of this thing we call Christmas.]Well, Hugh is trying to raise money for his favourite charity, by asking us to tell him what is on top of our Christmas trees. If you haven’t already clicked on the link above…why not? and please do it now, for additional information. You’ll see that Mr Money Bags Hugh is kindly donating a pound for every one who does a ping back…so get ping backing now folks. You have until January 5, 2015. I suspect some lucky charity somewhere, is going to be in for a lovely surprise, as Hugh showers them with mega bucks.

It’s another good idea, from a great guy and for a brilliant cause. Well done and good luck Hugh.


Everyone seems to be in reflective mood at the moment and the blogosphere is awash with their thoughts on 2014. I’m going to join in, in my usual weird way…possibly tomorrow; when I’ve realised just how strange my year really has been.


Are there any 24 fans out there, I wonder? I’m also working on a post about Jack Bauer. That and a monster pile of ironing again! Oh, and a peace of fluff in the corner, a cobweb by the light…

Thanks for taking the time to visit and have a really great Tuesday evening.

Until the next time.


7 thoughts

  1. I actually have two and they’re robins. The other one is on the main tree; but the pictures of that, were dire, so I went with this one.
    Life gets in the way of writing and blogging. But, then it’s food for thought, as well. x


  2. Only just seen this post, Dorne, as the Pingback thingy did not seem to work, but what the heck, thank you so much for participating during this busy time of the year. Your Robin looks very cute sat there at the top of your Christmas tree.

    I hope 2015 has got off to a brilliant start for you and will only get better.
    Best wishes,


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