Greyhound posting: new year…what’s that?

PicsArt_10_12_2014 10_53_56Hello and apparently we are now in a new year…whatever that is.

The zombie is sloshed on bucks fizz and is going to attempt to do the ironing that she gave up on last night, on account of being sloshed on sherry. I don’t hold out much hope for the ironing. And is it wise of her to attempt it when sloshed?

Oh, the music is going on and it’s trying to sing along to the pretty tunes. I can hear you laughing…go ahead and laugh…I’m laughing too. Although I will be needing some ear plugs soon. It likes to listen to music, whilst it irons.

I don’t know why you humans bother with clothes…you should go au natural, like me. There again if the zombie went au natural it would be scary for the children.

So, everyone’s talking about a new year. Well, I can’t see any difference, myself. The sky looks the same, the rain looks the same. My food bowl is still in the same place and the zombie still has a headache every single day. The grass looks the same and when I meet my doggy friends, we still stiff each others bottoms, which smell the same, as always.

What difference will a new year make? Oh well, if it keeps you humans happy and occupied with your so-called new year resolutions.

The zombie has one of those…to not be as zombiefied, this year. So this morning, did it jump out of bed and do cartwheels around the bedroom? No, it looked like death, as usual. It gradually came around after drinking a bucket of black coffee.

I’m going now, I need to supervise this ironing thing. There’s too much singing going on and it’s out of tune and awful. It’s rolling around on the kitchen floor. That won’t get my dog coat ironed…will it?

Thanks for dropping by darlings and I won’t wish you a happy New Year, because it’s the same old thing. Enjoy your evening…which is more than I will. Oh dear god…what a noise it’s making!

Until the next greyhound time.

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