Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

Something a bit different this morning. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? I do. I think we also have a certain amount of influence in our destiny; but sometimes things have just got to happen.

We meet people and they play major roles in our lives and teach us lessons. They may not even be a part of our lives; we may just be inspired by them, to such a degree, that we feel compelled to make changes to our lives.

I’m fascinated by how our individual lives are intertwined and connected.

So, what do you think? Do you believe in things happening for a reason? Or maybe you think that is rubbish and that it’s all random? Feel free to comment. I don’t bite…much!

Thanks for dropping by this morning and have a great Friday.

We have family visiting and staying today, so if I go quiet you know why. I hope to be  back on here and blogging my usual rubbish over the weekend though.

Until the next time.

16 Thoughts

      1. Well, I didn’t mean to make it seem that emphatic. lol I live in an area where nothing happens unless it is god’s will. Even the worse of tragedies happens for a purpose and we must all be thankful for the blessing of such. 😦
        Cause and effect happens. But I am wishy washy on the purposeful part. I don’t argue or debate etc about it. 🙂

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      2. Don’t worry, I probably came across as a touch arsey! LOL!
        I can understand your sentiments completely and that you don’t debate these things. Sometimes it’s difficult to debate things like that with folk, because they don’t hear you and won’t make allowances for the fact that we’re all different and entitled to have our opinions.
        Who really knows who is right?
        I just happen to subscribe to the idea of a higher consciousness at work. Something, and it doesn’t have to be a god, far cleverer than man, because we don’t have all of the answers.
        And there endeth my arsey reply. LOL! x


  1. I’m a firm believer in fate and that everything happens for a reason. It could be the smallest of things like smiling at somebody in the street one day who was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but that smile may not only have just made their day but also saved their day.

    I’m rambling on as usual , so I’ll be off now for that first glass of wine – after all, it is Friday even though it doesn’t feel like it is 🙂

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    1. Yes, I’m inclined to agree. I’ve had a lot of things happen to me, over the years that just appeared to be too good to be random. People turn up when you need them and things happening at the eleventh hour…etc. I’m rambling as well and I need a cup of tea. x


  2. O.K. so you will think I am strange, but I think we are born into a destiny with that specific life. In that way, we have free will to change the destiny or we feel the urge to follow the destiny and fulfill our true purpose. When things are going right you get that satisfied feeling of knowing you are on the right path. I might have to have a couple cocktails and mull over this some more tonight. Are you going to join me? Please do. ❤

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      1. I certainly think that even if we decide to change direction on that path of life we are travelling on, that it was meant to be for what ever reason. There are people down that new path that we were due to meet when coming into this world and destiny takes us to them. I don’t think you can change your destiny as it’s set in stone from the moment you are reborn. Note I said reborn there cause I to am a firm believer that I have walked this earth before as another person.

        My, this is rather deep for a Saturday afternoon. I think it’s time for another slice of that Christmas cake which destiny had planned for me to eat on 3rd January 2015.

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      2. I think that it’s possible we may have a certain path to take and lessons to learn. The bit I struggle with, is what is at the end of it all? I don’t see myself as an angel type thing sitting on a cloud…I’d squash it. If we learn our lessons, and I’m cocking mine up big time, what do we become?
        Now THAT is way too deep for the first Saturday afternoon in January. I’ve disturbed myself now. LOL!
        I too need Christmas cake and more sherry. LOL! On second thoughts the sherry may have caused the deep thinking to surface…I’ll have a cup of Earl Grey instead.


    1. Well, if you’re weird, so am I. Yes, we now that. But, I do believe in some other force at play. Not in a religious way. Just in a MAN DOES NOT HAVE ALL OF THE ANSWERS way.
      I think we are meant to follow a path and we know, at a subconscious level, when we are off that track.
      But, I also believe we influence our destiny. And I think we have more than one stab at it. Because, I have been regressed and saw a previous life.
      A bit deep for a Saturday afternoon. x

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  3. I did write a post about part of it on here. Now, if I was organised I’d be able to give you a link to it. But, it’s lost in amongst about 500 posts.
    The good news is…I am hoping to streamline my posts at some point THIS YEAR! and I will re-post it, when I find it. I can also do an update. So that’s wonderful news…isn’t it? LOL.
    So, on Christmas Eve this year you may get to read about my regression session! It will take me until that long to find it.
    Dear god there’s now hope. x


  4. Everything happens for a reason is a beautiful thought. And although I can see the pattern of “purpose” in some instances, not everything does happen for a reason.

    Some times tragedy strikes. That is when life just you know is plane old cruel and that I believe does not happen for a reason. E.G: Someone kills himself. Or Someone gets raped or… I could go on and on and on.


    1. Fair comment. Yes, life does throw up some horrible things, sometimes. But, I have seen amazing people come back from some horrific life experiences, so occasionally good does prevail.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting…good to meet you. I will pop along to your blog and take a look.

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