A work of fiction.


Photo Credit: wifflegif.com
Photo Credit: wifflegif.com

I’m struggling a bit today; and no it’s not because of the sherry and more sherry consumed last night. Hubby and I were on a night out, with my sister and her hubby, in our local pub.

My dilemma is to find the right words for this post. It’s rare for me to be stuck for words, but I want to talk about fiction writing and that’s not something I’m very good at. But, this year I hope to move things on in that direction. This isn’t a new year resolution as such, nor a goal…because as we’ve discovered already, my slap happy disposition makes those things a no go. My aim is to gradually include more fiction in this blog. As and when I gain the confidence to post my attempts!

That leads me back to my dilemma…ideas for my fiction. We are constantly reminded that there is no copyright  on ideas and John Updike encourages us to ‘steal’ structures for our words.

Photo credit: www.swfafe.edu.au
Photo credit: http://www.swfafe.edu.au

But, of course we then have to completely change and re-work the ideas to make the plot and story our own: and so we’re not guilty of plagiarism.

So, this year there will a lot of mind mapping going on, as I try to overcome the next obstacle in my writing career. Because I also want to add published fiction writer to my writing cv as well.

Wish me luck! I’m going to need it.

I could use all the help I can get and a good kick up the bottom; to kick-start me. Remember the Christmas ghost story that I threatened? The first draft was  written…and then I convinced myself that it was rubbish and I lost my nerve! This year I need to find that nerve for my fiction writing…I don’t know where I left my it? But, I need to find it pretty sharpish.

I’ve got oodles of it for my non-fiction…I just write it and send it. If it doesn’t make the mark…I just move on.But, then I have been published in that area and there’s the thing. I know I can do it, if I put my sensible head on, follow my brief and research.

For some reason I’m a bit too precious about non-fiction. Maybe it’s because it’s a bit more personal. Are my ideas too out there and will anyone be able to understand them?  Does your choice of subject matter in fiction say something about you, as a person? Do you open yourself up to criticism more, in fiction?

  •  If you write, which do you prefer to pen…fiction, or non-fiction?
  • How did you feel, when you first published your fiction on your blog, or showed your work to someone to read?
  • Do you have any tips for us timid, fiction writer virgins?

Thanks for dropping by and have a brilliant Saturday. I’m off to wash for England, play catch up with my blog comments and likes and indulge myself on your lovely blogs. I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms, because I haven’t been able to visit for a while. I feel a cup of tea and a good read coming on. LOL!

Until the next time.



4 Thoughts

  1. I have never written anything of length or even thought about attempting to. But yet I think I could just based on the experience of writing in WP for over two years. I have never tried writing to one of the picture prompts in WP. I know if I did try, I would start a new blog and not reveal it was “me”. lol I would want to be a completely different person. 🙂 With a touch of flair, glamor and pizzazz.

    I know! Why don’t you write a fictional story about a mousey blogger who started a new anonymous blog. She wrote brilliant stories and had thousands of followers. She was offered $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to publish her writings, but she said she was happy just with the pleasure of writing. 🙂

    I’ve already written most of it for you. So if you are offered $$$$$$$$$$$$$ for your story, I want part of it. 🙂


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