I won’t be weeding my garden again!

Photo credit: www.animatedgifs.eu
Photo credit: http://www.animatedgifs.eu

On my look out for unusual ideas for morning posts on here I came across this. I’ll confess I’ve got mixed emotions about this. Click on the link to read.


The possibility that plants could have intelligence and possible feelings is heaven and hell, all rolled into one. I mean it’s absolutely amazing if they are more clued in than we think: but just think about what we do to them.

We’re not just talking our neglected house plants here…what about the grass that we trample across and cut down with our mowers?  We pull the weeds up and toss them in the bin.

I can’t even get my head around this; but what if there’s something in it? What if we could hear the plants scream, as we prune them?

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy the rest of your day…if you can. LOL!

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