Greyhound posting: zombie apocalypse .

Good morning 😊. And it is a good morning 😊. I knew about 6.30 this morning that it was good 😊 and that I wanted to be out there enjoying it.
There was just one problem…the zombie was zonked out.
So, I needed to wake it up. Dancing πŸ’ƒ around on one leg and whining did the trick.
Soon were out enjoying the morning air…cold and fresh. The zombie was lurching along, as it does, trying to avoid slipping on the frosty pavements.
I think it enjoyed it and it did it some good.
It’s been poorly for a couple of days and yesterday it couldn’t even blog, or reply to comments, or check out other blogs. It was so miserable and slept even more than usual.
With a bit of luck πŸ€ it might be more active today. So watch out.
Thanks for reading my darlings and I need to sleep πŸ’€ now.
Until the next time.

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