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Those of you that follow this blog will know that I mainly write non fiction.This is not to say that I don’t write fiction, I do…I just lack the nerve to do anything with it – at the moment.

But, as I have mentioned on here before, [a few times actually] I plan to do something about that this year.

My problem seems to be that I lose interest in my story before I get to the end. Why? Because I’m guilty of editing my story, as I write it. For some reason, I don’t feel able, as I routinely do with my non fiction, to produce a first draft. Needless to say, I lose interest in the story and it remains unfinished.

No prizes for guessing what I’m now working on. Those half-finished stories deserve to be concluded, at the very least. Then, when I’ve polished and perfected them, to the best of my ability, I am going to send them off to a critique service. I won’t do this with all of them…just the ones that I think are worthy of being pulled to pieces.

At some point I would like to put some of them up on here. But, only when I’m not such a cowardy custard!  You’ve seen the video attempts LOL…I don’t want to add to the madness even further, with my nutty stories – just yet! I need to find and develop my style.

We all have a story within us; it’s just a matter of whether we can tell it.

Are there any other fiction virgins out there?

  • Are you working on your works of fiction?
  • How do you plan to improve your work and style?
  • Are you a coward…like me?

So, thanks again for taking the time to visit and if you’re new to my blog…hello and welcome. Enjoy your Thursday.

Until the next time.


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  1. I guess i have a partner 😀 I have atleast 4 d uncompleted stories in my resume. The last one i quit in December. But this year, will try to change. You should totally go for it! 🙂


    1. I guess fiction writing reveals something personal about us, at some deep level and as I’m quite a private person [you’d never guess it!] that is pretty scary. But, as with you I will try to change that this year.
      Good luck with your stories and I’ll pop by your blog and check our your progress. Thanks for dropping by here and commenting.


    1. LOL! Arh…that’s a good question. By reading, reading and reading some more. Did I say I might read a bit? Also, there’s loads of good examples on WordPress.
      I could be deluding myself, of course. But, I hope that I keep on improving until it’s game over.
      Last year I really surprised myself and started this blog. What will I do this year?
      I think you could climb up that hill alongside me! You’re never at your peak, in my book. x

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      1. I have blogged for over 2 and a half years. Stopped on and off. I don’t have any family/friend followers. This is where I come to release another side of me. 🙂

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  2. If that is your first attempt at fiction then it’s amazing and I’m stuffed! LOL.
    Joking apart I’m getting braver. I’m working on a novel [very early stages] and I enjoy that more than short stories. I’m a kind of all or nothing girl and it may be that short stories are not for me. I lose interest in them and I think you require a certain kind of discipline with them, which I suspect I don’t possess. Also, I do go on a bit; which is probably better in a novel…or not! Time will tell.
    I may bore you all, with my novel…in chapters.
    Keep the Swamp Fairy coming…it’s very addictive and spooky. x


  3. Hi Dorne, I found your latest article really interesting as it struck a chord with me. For the past two years I’ve been writing short stories, but was really worried about putting them out there. Something just clicked into place about a month ago; I’ve come up with a serious plan to get myself published. This month I’ve started on WordPress – the Blogging University course has been a bonus – and next month I’m going to send stories away to be critiqued. Amongst all this, I’m doing writing exercises in an attempt to keep generating ideas. Beyond February, I don’t know yet – but I guess that’s half the fun!


    1. Hi Wayne,
      That sounds like a good plan of action to me. I think you’ll find lots of inspiration on WordPress. I wish you loads of luck with your stories and I look forward to reading them on your blog…perhaps?
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


  4. Well, I’m a short stories man, and I’ve written quite a few and put them on here on WordPress. Some did very well, some didn’t, but I enjoyed writing them all. The only problem with mine is that they all, apart from one, had the same theme and that is something I know I needed to change. So, I registered and have entered the NYC Midnight Short Story challenge, with another blogger, which starts next weekend. I’ll probably get knocked out in round one but at least I’ll hopefully be given a subject rather than Science Fiction to write.


  5. I enjoy reading your short stories. Well done you for taking part in a challenge to build on your skills.
    That’s the great thing about blogging…we’re never alone and we support each other.
    Please let us know how you get on and thanks for your inspiration.
    Oh, and good luck.😉


    1. Oh I will be, as the stories I enter have to be published on my blog – that is one of the rules. So you’ll get to read at least one, hopefully at least two and dreamworld three or four if I get to the final rounds.

      Thanks for your support, Dorne.


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