Art.y farty Saturday: writing inspiration.

Blog imageAs well as writing tosh on here, I occasionally  try to paint as well. Today, is one of those days and this is a current work in progress. This is acrylic on canvas and it’s some way off being completed. I’m not painting it from a photo, or drawing and can’t you tell. It’s my idea of a bluebell wood.

The trick with painting,  is to not overdo it…much the same as with our writing – yes? Know when to stop; less is more and all that. I confess I do overwork my pictures quite a lot of the time. That’s a sign of being an amateur, I guess!

I find that if I take a break from writing and direct my creativity [ if that’s what you could call this?] into something else, my writing is all the better for it. Now, you have great hopes for some amazing posts on here, don’t you? Oh dear! As my  two-year old grandson likes to say.

Joking apart – we need to read and do other things to stretch our writing skills and fuel our imaginations. Otherwise we become stale. How can we possibly expect to write new and interesting stuff if we do the same old stuff. So, that’s where I’m going wrong!

Well, it seems to be working for me – I was inspired to share this with you. Sorry about that! And a novel that has been a work in progress for quite a while now, has had a bit added to it…ooh! EXCITING!

And now I have some more inspiration lined up, to get my creative juices flowing…

blog ironingOh, oh!  Another of my darling grandson’s current phrases.

This might not be quite as inspiring. And yes, I will be putting on some music and having a sing-song whilst I iron; as my trusty greyhound has disclosed to you.

How about you?

  • How are you spending your Saturday?
  • How do you get inspiration?

Thanks for taking the time to stop by here and enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

Until the next arty farty time.

4 Thoughts

  1. Thank you. I love to paint and it does relax me. As with my writing, I lose track of time when I paint. Grand kids are great , but tiring. LOL! It’s good to give them back when you’ve had enough. x


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