Thirty things that make me smile, on a grumpy day: a blast from the past.

Mystical (LazyLens 20140418 054335 HD)

This a reblog of one of my earlier posts. On this particular day I was obviously feeling very grumpy and needed something to cheer me up. So I came up with this.

Incidentally, I have the video, but I would like to improve on it…in fact I am sure I can improve on it. So, when the skylarks start singing again I’ll be there with my super camera.

I haven’t changed this. It is just as I wrote it, back in April of last year.


Just a quick post.

Not one of my better days today, but we all have them. When I’m having an off day, I try to focus on what makes me smile.

These are mine, what are yours I wonder?

  1. Trees. I like to touch them and hug them, if I don’t have an audience. I wonder what stories they could tell? My ash tree, with the face, and keeper of my secrets, [above photo] is probably somewhere in the region of three hundred years old.
  2. Thunder. The louder the better. And if it crashes directly over me, then WOW!
  3. Beautiful sunsets, at the end of a lovely day. I like to photograph them and then attempt to paint them.
  4. Falling snow. And walks in settled snow. Looking for animal footprints.
  5. Getting absolutely drenched in warm summer rain.
  6. The dawn chorus.
  7. The smell of my greyhound.
  8. Earl Grey tea. I’m addicted to the bergamot I think!
  9. Warm crumpets, after a long walk with the dog, on a winter’s day.
  10. Tomato soup, when I’m ill. [ A throwback to when I was a child, I think.]
  11. The feeling of sand in-between my toes. The softness, that gradually gives way to a grittyness, as it gentle trickles down the inside of my toes.
  12. Lightening. Fork and sheet. I like the unpredictability of it. When will it strike again? And when it does, night-time momentarily becomes daytime.
  13. Everything about springtime. What’s not to like?
  14. Derwentwater in the Lake District. It’s my favourite lake. It is just so beautiful. If I lived on the banks of it, I would spend all day just gazing at it.
  15. Watching the wind ripple across  a field of corn, or long grass. Grass or corn waves, I like to call them.
  16. I like Cows. They are such gentle beasts. I had a go at milking some, a few years ago. They became so affectionate and wanted their ears tickling; which of course I did!
  17. I love owls. Tawny, barn and little. I think there is something magical and mystical about them.
  18. The smell of babies.
  19. A fabulous sunrise. One that urges you to wake up and grab your camera, to capture it forever.
  20. A really good white wine, with a lovely meal, in a hotel restaurant.
  21. Strong black coffee. To wake me up and keep me going.
  22. Good music, played loudly, so I can hear every note and instrument.
  23. Driving my car. We don’t have motorways near to where we live, so when I do get to go on them, it’s a treat. A bit of speed!
  24. Scotland. A lovely country. I would love to learn how to speak Gaelic. It fascinates me.
  25. Playing with my grandson. He’s fabulous.
  26. Walking my dog. We go off exploring, particularly on holiday.
  27. The heady smell of Elderflowers on a spring evening. There’s a bush up the lane from where we live. I go and drink in the heady scent, when it’s in full blossom. Fabulous.
  28. Meadows of wildflowers. They need to be preserved. Last year I walked through an ancient one, in the Yorkshire Dales. I couldn’t take it all in. It was incredible. I dream of walking in that field again, and I will sometime.
  29. The North York Moors. On my doorstep. Wild, remote in places and magnificent.
  30. A wild sea, with massive, rolling waves. A calm sea, that barely ripples. A summer’s morning, with the sun catching the surface. Swimming it the sea and feeling the power of those waves, as they crash over your head. A power to be respected at all times: dis-respect her at your peril.


My list could be never-ending, but that’s enough for now.

I’ve been in the fields today, trying to record and video my favourite birdsong…the skylark.. I’ll have to edit it some more and see if I can get rid of my voice prattling on in the background. Then, I might put it on here.

The video is a bit boring, but you can actually hear the skylarks. Playing with my new phone, you see.

I’m going for a long soak in a warm bubble bath now. Might feel a bit better then, I hope.

Until next time.

Grumpy woman signing off, for now.

I would now add …thanks for stopping by and have a great Saturday.

Until the next time.





2 Thoughts

  1. LOL! I don’t like peanut butter; but my daughter does and it was one of her favourite sandwich fillings as a child. I used to have to make her sandwiches, as we mums do. The things we do for our kids. x


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